Saturday, May 6, 2006

Week 11 [05.06.06]

Day Total: $26.00
Sales Visited: 57

1 PSX Console (Launch version w/ individual A/V outs, all hookups included)
1 Sony Dual Shock I
1 Sony Dual Shock II
1 3rd party PSX controller
2 official Sony PS1 memory cards
1 standard A/V cable
1 random power adapter
1 Game Boy (" broken" )
1 Suikoden (PS1, Complete)
1 Final Fantasy VII (PS1, Complete)
1 Wild Arms (PS1, Complete)
1 Gran Turismo (PS1, Complete)
1 Tobal No. 1 (PS1, Complete)
1 Blasto (PS1, Complete)
1 Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions demo (PS1, Complete)
Paid: $25.00

1 Darth Vader Collector's Case (original Kenner)
48 Star Wars figures (original Kenner)
Assorted Star Wars packaging for figures
3 large Star Wars dolls (Vader, Boba Fett, Luke; original Kenner)
1 AT-AT (original Kenner)
Paid: $6.00

1 NES console (all hookups, power adapter duct-taped)
2 NES controllers
1 Rad Racer (NES, complete w/ 3D glasses and poster)
1 Legend of Zelda (NES, cart + sleeve + manual + map)
1 Ice Hockey (NES, cart + sleeve + manual)
1 Super Mario Bros. (NES, cart + sleeve + manual)
1 Slalom (NES, cart + sleeve + manual)
1 Anticipation (NES, cart + sleeve + manual)
1 Volleyball (NES, cart + sleeve + manual)
Paid: $3.00

1 Final Fantasy VII (PS1, missing manual)
1 Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, Complete)
1 Metal Gear Solid (PS1, Complete)
1 Ehrgeiz (PS1, Complete)
Paid: $5.00

1 Super Metroid (SNES, box + cart + manual)
1 NFL2K (DC, Complete)
1 World Series Baseball 2k1 (DC, Complete)
1 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (DC, missing manual)
3 assorted power adapters
Paid: $1.00

1 Vagrant Story (PS1)
1 Silent Hill (PS1)
Paid: $6.00

Lego 4099
Lego 4507
Paid: $1.00

2.5-lb bag of Legos
Paid: $1.00

4 lbs of Legos
Paid: $2.00

Superbook "The First Christmas" VHS
Paid: $0.25

Rainbow Brite "Peril in the Pits" VHS
Paid: $0.25

Super Mario Bros. Super Show "Mario Meets Koopzilla" VHS
Paid: $0.25

Awesome whirlwind of a day. We hit 55 sales, and the weather was absolutely beautiful!

Scored FFVII, VIII etc. at the very first sale we went to. She had several *meh* PS1 games and a PSX all reasonably priced, but we were only interested in those few games. Missed a plastic tote of Legos, but the buyer paid $40 (more than I would have). The other PS1 games were found a few sales later, asking $8, took $6. So for FFVII, we now have 2 complete Non-GH, 1 complete GH, and 1 Non-GH with two Disc 2's.

The Star Wars stuff was an interesting find. Everything except the case was tossed in a big box of G.I. Joes. The guy selling was asking $3 for the collector's case and $2 for the AT-AT. He didn't really seem to know the value of anything, and neither did we, but we figured it had to be worth something. He said $10 for everything and took $6. After a bit of eBay research, it's looking like we can make at least $300 off of everything, which isn't bad for a $6 investment!

//Originally Posted by Dom on 6/11/2005
Saw an old woman selling her grandson's SNES (1 controller, RF hookups), and a complete Super Metroid (box in rough shape) for $20. She wouldn't seperate the package, and she would only go as low as $18. Yeah, suck my balls. She also rudely declined my offer of 25 cents for a Fat Albert VHS marked 75 cents. This was the same yardsale that was charging $2 for assorted VHS tapes (half of which were taped off of TV). I hate people sometimes.

//Originally Posted by Dom on 10/22/2005
We unknowingly went back to this house today at noon, and all of the videogame stuff was still there. That old lady still had the SNES with Super Metroid in a box, with the same sign that said "Working SNES console with game, $20", but the $20 was crossed out with pen and $15 was written next to it. I once again asked if she would sell the game seperately, to which she declined. That's why you still have this stuff after 2 yardsales lady!

Wouldn't you know we inadvertantly went back to that sale for a 3rd time (next to another advertised sale). The DC games were in a tin marked FREE, so we snagged those. And then - there it was. The SNES with the boxed Super Metroid and the same old cardboard sign: the $20 crossed out, the $15 crossed out, and now marked $10. I had to hold in my laughter. This time, the boy who owned the game was actually at the sale. We said that we already had the system, and offered $1 for the game. He had no problem in accepting our offer. So, after 3 visits to that sale, we FINALLY got the Super Metroid.

Near the end of the day, we inquired about videogames at a house which was part of a neighborhood sale. The guy pointed to a box off to the side with the NES and games. He was looking for $10. Funnily enough, Dom didn't think he had that much. He checked his wallet, and saw he only had $3. He asked the guy if he'd do $3, and showed him his wallet. It was true: we only had $3 left!! He gave us the "I don't wanna bring it back inside" line and accepted our offer. We were shocked when we saw the Zelda map, because we had gotten 2 almost complete Zeldas at past sales. Now, we finally have a complete Zelda!

Our finds were evenly spaced throughout the day, which is why our heads were almost spinning when we got home. We are going back to 2 sales tomorrow: they each said they had some old videogames in their basement that they would pull out. Here's hoping they actually do. Worth a shot!

Glad to see others had some luck today too!

[05.04.06] - PSX/Games
Scored this off of Craigslist tonight. All the games are complete and in very good condition. Originally asking $30, took $25.

We met up with a friendly college-aged guy at his apartment, and he handed us the Playstation and games. Then he said "as an added bonus", he'd give us the Dual Shock II and memory cards. When we asked him if he was still into gaming, he said not really, but he still had his original Game Boy (that was broken), and pointed to it on his shelf. We asked if he wanted to get rid of it, and after a slight hesitation, he gave it to us.

Very similar to our SNES games find last week. More than we'd usually pay, but considering we got roughly $200 worth of stuff for $25, we're not complaining.

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