Saturday, May 20, 2006

Week 13 [05.20.06]+[05.21.06]

Day Total: $12.25
Sales Visited: 25

1 TI-99 computer (With box, documentation, and all hookups)
1 TI-99 Speech Synthesizer
1 3rd party joystick
1 Alien Addition (TI-99, cart only)
1 Subtraction (TI-99, cart only)
1 Terminal Emulator II (TI-99, cart only)
1 Chisolm Trail (TI-99, cart only)
1 Multiplication 1 (TI-99, cart only)
1 Hangman (TI-99, cart only)
Paid: $5.00

1 Silver Game Boy Pocket (missing battery cover)
1 Pokemon Blue (GB, cart only)
1 Donkey Kong Land (GB, cart + case)
1 Lego #4706
Paid: $3.00

2 bins of Legos
Lego #4882 (Box only)
Paid: $4.00

2 bins of Legos
Legend of Zelda VHS
Paid: $0.25

Hit 8 more sales and 2 flea markets.

I was much happier about the VHS purchase when I thought it was an original tape from the 80s, but upon further inspection this tape was made in 2003. I never knew they did a re-release of this series before the DVD set came out. But eh, still nice to have, and i won't miss the quarter too much.

Some flea market guy was selling Guardian Heroes and Shining Force III, both for Saturn, at $40 and $50 respectively. He wouldn't go lower on either, stating "these both get that price on ebay." I asked him "so why don't you sell them on ebay then?", to which he replied "I'm too busy."

Too busy not-selling anything at a flea market all day? Hah.

It's really nice to see so many people going out and hitting so many sales! We only hit 15 today.

Liz had her graduate school graduation today, but we still went saling from 8-10 this morning. A little later when we were all dressed up (and she was in her gown), we passed a yard sale that we hadn't gone to that morning, and we almost stopped for it. Unfortunately time was of the essence, and we couldn't be late to the ceremony. Still, I like the thought of Liz perusing a yardsale wearing her regalia.

No real stories today. We bought the TI-99 mainly for the box, it was marked $20 but they took $5 CIF. The Bill Cosby endorsements totally justify the purchase.

There was an Xbox at the sale where we bought the Legos, and the woman running it was asking $75 for it. I asked if she could go lower, and she said "make me an offer". I tried for $5, but wasn't surprised when she turned me down. I don't blame her, but I had to try.

We're gonna head out tomorrow to try and even out the weekend. Hope everyone had a fun time saling, and I hope you'll continue on throughout the season!

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