Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week 4 [04.26.08]

Day Total: $0.00
Sales Visited: 37

Wow, what a bust! I don't think we ever had a day like today. We hit nearly 40 sales and came up with absolutely zero. We missed some Playstation stuff at the second sale of the day, heard a few "a ton of people have been asking about videogames", and everyone else had nothing. We even saw our competition from last year (flea market vendor) at one sale.

Needless to say, it was a long morning. In a way though, it was good. We're moving next weekend and will no longer be 'saling where we used to. Had we found a ton of stuff this weekend, it would've been harder to say goodbye to this area. The pickings have been slimmer in recent years, so we're looking forward to going 'saling in a new place.

We've just bought our first home, which has a LOT of space. We will finally be able to properly display and play all of the things we've purchased over the last few years. No more storage bins! We have a huge finished basement, which will be the game room. we'll take lots of pictures once it's up and running and post them here on the site.

We'll be back 'saling in a couple weeks, so we're hoping we'll have some positive reports from our new neighborhood!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week 3 [04.19.08]

Day Total: $12.00
Sales Visited: 21

2 Sega Genesis consoles (Model 1, 1 AC adapter)
1 Sega CD (Model 2)
4 1st party Genesis controllers
1 Bill Walsh College Football (SCD, complete)
1 Ms. Pacman (GEN, complete)
1 Mortal Kombat (GEN, cart + case)
1 Side Pocket (GEN, cart only)
1 Golden Axe (GEN, cart only)
1 Shaq-Fu (GEN, cart only)
1 Joe Montana Football (GEN, cart only)
1 Mortal Kombat II (GEN, cart only)
1 TMNT Tournament Fighters (GEN, cart only)
1 Art of Fighting (GEN, cart only)
1 Evander Holyfield Boxing (GEN, cart only)
1 Sonic 3 (GEN, cart only)
1 Sonic 2 (GEN, cart only)
1 NBA Jam (GEN, cart only)
Paid: $3.00

1 Donkey Kong Country (SNES, complete)
1 Donkey Kong Country II (SNES, complete)
1 Donkey Kong Country III (SNES, complete)
1 SNES system manual
Paid: $5.00

1 N64 console (w/ RAM expansion, AV cable, RAM cover missing)
1 1st party N64 controller
1 Donkey Kong 64 (N64, cart only)
1 Mario Kart 64 (N64, cart only)
1 All Star Tennis (N64, cart only)
1 Star Wars Episode I Racer (N64, cart only)
1 NBA Live 2000 (N64, cart only)
Paid: $3.00

1 Bender bank
Paid: $0.25

1 Back to the Future II Movie Poster puzzle (1989)
Paid: $0.25

Ranma 1/2 Volume 1 (Viz)
Ranma 1/2 Volume 20 (Viz)
Paid: $0.25

1 PS1 Composite Cable in RF adapter box
Paid: $0.25

Assorted manuals
Paid: FREE

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Week 2 [04.12.08]

Day Total: $2.00
Sales Visited: 2

1 NES console (w/ all hookups)
2 controllers
1 NES Zapper
1 Mario/Duck Hunt (cart only)
1 Super Spike V'Ball (cart + sleeve)
1 Goonies II (cart + sleeve)
1 Contra (cart + sleeve)
1 Tecmo Super Bowl (cart + sleeve)
1 Arch Rivals (cart + sleeve)
1 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (cart + sleeve)
1 Pro Wrestling (cart + sleeve)
1 Bad Dudes (cart + sleeve)
1 Tecmo Bowl (cart + sleeve)
1 Commando (cart + sleeve)
1 Tecmo NBA Basketball (cart + case)
Paid: $2.00

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