Saturday, April 28, 2007

Week 3 [04.28.07]

Day Total: $4.00
Sales Visited: 29

Super Dragonball Z (PS2)
Game Boy Color
Paid: $4.00

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Follow That Sign! - What yard sales can do for your videogame collection

Spring is here, and you may start to notice something familiar around your town. As the weekends draw near, neon-colored signs appear on telephone polls that read "Yard Sale" or "Garage Sale", maybe with an arrow pointing somewhere. Sure, we've all seen them, and most of us will just drive right by without even thinking about it. For many, the thought of a “Yard Sale” conjures up images of old ladies examining chipped tea sets. But those willing to look beyond this stereotype will find a videogame treasure trove just waiting to be raided. Read on to discover one of the best hidden jewels for videogame collectors, and why you just might find yourself taking a turn at that next handmade sign.

We have visited nearly 2000 yard sales in the last 2 years, purchasing hundreds of games and dozens of consoles along the way. We have found items for nearly every videogame system that has ever been released, including many rare gems and sought-after collectibles. The best part is that we get this stuff for rock bottom prices, and some are so low that they must be seen to be believed. After checking out some of these price comparisons, you may never be able to look at a dollar bill the same way again.

How would you rather spend $8?


Nintendo has been making a lot of money by charging $5, $8, and even $10 for single games on its Virtual Console service, and you don't even technically own them once you purchase! We found 10 mint and complete NES games (along with 5 unpictured NES carts) for only $8 at a yard sale.

How would rather spend $5?


Blockbuster will charge you $5 for a 2-day rental on a New Release movie. For that same price, we found the four Playstation games that you see above at a yard sale, all complete and in great condition.

How would you rather spend a buck?


I'm sure Orbit's new Raspberry Mint gum is delicious, but nothing tastes sweeter than finding a fully functioning Nintendo Gamecube at a yard sale for a dollar.

These finds and prices aren't uncommon, and we routinely find more just like them on a weekly basis. After doing the math, it turns out that we've purchased something videogame related at 1 out of every 9 yard sales we visit, and every purchase is always made at a bargain price. We're here to tell you that we don't do anything special, and that you can just as easily find great deals in your local neighborhood! Check out our Yard Sale Guide which details everything you might need to know in order to score great videogame deals at yard sales.

Whether you've never thought of it before, or have been putting it off for another year, now is the time to start. There's an unlimited treasure trove of cheap retro gaming out there, and all you need to do is go out and find it. So the next time you're driving and you see that bright neon sign, follow it. It could just be worth your while.

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Welcome to the new Dom + Liz's Yardsale Adventures!

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So welcome! we'll be heading out yardsaling every Saturday from here on out, and posting our results here. we'll also be able to write other yardsale related articles during the week. Check back with us often, because there will be no shortage of yardsale and videogame related content here.

Dom + Liz

Week 2 [04.21.07]

Day Total: $0.50
Sales Visited: 27

Legend of Zelda DX
Rugrats in Paris
Paid: $0.25

Paid: $0.25

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Week 1 [04.14.07]

First day out for the season, and sadly it was a bust. Hit 7 sales. No unadvertised sales to be found. It's the nicest day it's been in a couple weeks, but I guess it's still a little early around here. we'll try again next Saturday!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Conversion Process

We are in the process of converting our 2005-2006 finds to the new blog format.

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