Saturday, October 29, 2005

Week 29 [10.29.05]

Day Total: $0.25
Sales Visited: 17

Mario Bros. (NES, cart + sleeve)
Paid: $0.25

A small week! Hit 17 sales. Lucky for us the snow held off until we were on our way home. It's really coming down now, though! How depressing... :sad:

Got Mario early in the morning. They also had cart-only Super Mario 2 and 3, but we left them for someone else.

Went to this enormous rummage sale at a scientific research center. It was insane madness - nowhere to park, wall-to-wall people and crap. The line for the register stretched almost the length of the hall. Most crowded rummage sale we'd ever been to.

We're awaiting a phone call about a SNES and 15 games. He was supposed to call us around 1, and now it's almost 4, so our hopes are certainly not up. Besides, we've never had luck with getting calls back from people. In fact, we've never received a return call.

That's about it. Hope you guys had some luck!

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