Sunday, October 9, 2005

Week 26 [10.08.05]

Day Total: $0
Sales Visited: 12

A washout for us today, it was raining all morning. We still decided to go out and hit all of the advertised sales that said "Rain or shine", and we ended up going to 10 total. Nothing found, although the first sale we went to said "I have a box of old games, but I wasn't able to bring everything out from the garage because of the rain. I'll find them today and put them out for tommorow if you want to come by again." So we're going to check that out again tomorrow, fingers crossed for a big lot.

Kind of sad/disappointing/depressing that one of the last weeks of the season was rained out. Maybe it'll make for a busy next weekend, when it otherwise might not have been.


Went back at 9am this morning to find a NES Powerpad and 2 sealed Saturn games (Madden 97 and NHL 97). Asked them if they found the box of videogames yet, and once again we got the "We still haven't gotten to everything yet, but we have 2 big boxes. We might have them out later today or tommorow."

Meanwhile, the guy is still bringing stuff out while his wife is tending the sale. So we decide to wait around for a bit, to see if he brings them out (since we're back...again). So we wait like 10 minutes, while he keeps bringing stuff out. Then...he starts to look around the sale. Looks down at his shoes, kicks the pavement, puts his hands in his pocket. Just standing around. It appears as if he's done bringing stuff out.

So I go up to him. "Uh, find those boxes yet?" So he says again, that they're probably still packed away. So in my head, I'm screaming "SO GO GET THEM AND STOP FARTING AROUND!" I give the wife my number and ask her to call me when they get to the games.

Right after she takes it, her 23 year old son (whose games these are I'm guessing) comes outside. It turns out, he went to grade school with Liz, so they start talking. We ask what he has for videogames, and he says:
-These two Saturn games (but that's it, he ebayed the rest and his system).
-This Powerpad
-5 NES games (MLB, TMNT, and 3 others that he can't remember)

And that's it. So it went from a "box of games", to "2 big boxes of games", to "5 NES games." So in a dejected state, I ask how much they want for the powerpad and 2 games. The dad says a buck apiece for the saturn games, and $5 for the pad.

I didn't even feel like haggling. We just left and said we were going back, but of course we aren't.

There's a small small possibility that they still might have stuff, as the 23 year old had an older brother. So maybe, when he was telling us about "his games", he had that sibling thing in mind where like, him and his brother had seperate ownership of the games. So maybe they still do have a bunch of games, but they're the older brother's, and the 23 year old already sold all his.

Of course, that's me talking completely out of my ass. I'd be shocked if she did actually call me, and if they had anything more than those 5 NES games.

9am for nothing.

Ah well, nice to read the other reports though. I hope some of you are still finding stuff when the snow starts to fall up here in a few months. we'll be vicariously yard saling through the southern CAGs.

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