Sunday, October 16, 2005

Week 27 [10.15.05]+[10.16.05]

Day Total: $2.50
Sales Visited: 30

1 Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, Non-GH + no manual + all disks mint)
1 Final Fantasy VIII Strategy Guide (BradyGames)
1 Final Fantasy VIII mini-walkthrough (BradyGames)
Paid: $1.00

4.5 lbs. of Legos
Paid: FREE

Majora's Mask (N64, cart only)
Paid: $0.50

Paper Mario (N64, box + manual)
Paid: $1.00

20 total sales visited, 10 total advertised sales cancelled. The start of the day was dreary but not too bad, but at 10:30AM it really started to pour. Most of the sales were still going on earlier in the day (we made it a point to keep all of the "Rain or Shine" sales on the list), but when the rain picked up everyone seemed to pack it in. We have a bunch of sales that are supposed to be going on tomorrow, plus a flea market, so we'll head out again.

Found the FF stuff by asking the guy running it. He brought out a box with random electronics on it, and the guide on top of it. I quickly snagged it, and noticed the "mini-walkthrough", except I thought it was the manual for the game. Thinking that, I tucked it into the guide. He then brought out a paper bag, and pulled from it about 6 PS1 games. Nothing stellar, but I grabbed FF8. It was "missing the manual", but I thought I already found it with the guide, so I thought nothing of it. Upon driving off I saw that I didn't have the manual, and I wish I had checked inside the paper bag for it. Ah well, no big deal for the price. If I really wanted to I could just buy FF8-GH for the manual, I don't think they change those for GH rereleases.

We found the Legos when it first started to pour out. The sale we were at was packing things up and putting everything away, and when we asked how much they wanted for the bin, they told us we could just take it. Not bad!

Stopped at one sale where the guy said he had an old broken Intellivision, which I offered to buy from him. He said he couldn't go dig it out now, but he was having a sale again next weekend, and to come on by. I wouldn't mind paying a buck or two for a broken intellivision, hopefully he finds some games for it too. we'll be heading back there next week.

But yeah, nothing too eventful for us this week. Not as bad as last week, but still could be called a washout.

Hit up 8 more yardsales and 2 flea markets. We found Zelda at a yardsale, but nothing at the flea markets.

The first one (we hadn't been before) had a couple crappy SNES games and a box of a few NES games, but about 8 copies of each (i.e. Gyromite, Mario/Duck Hunt, Football) for a buck each. Nothing that we didn't already have. Also saw a Chun-Li plush (tiny, maybe 3" ) marked $25, which was insane not only considering the size, but it was dirty, too. I was a little disappointed about that. They had an Elvis impersonator on a Rascal scooter as the greeter, which was er, interesting.

The second (we visited about a month ago) had pretty much the same stuff as the last time we were there, and we noticed that a lot of vendors were missing, while others were packing up due to the wind, so that was kind of a gip ($1/person adm. to boot). It was only briefly cloudy, then the sun came out! Gr...

Overall feeling of unsatisfication this weekend. The weather has been crappy and the yardsale season seems to be winding down around here. Hoping for even just one more weekend out!

Feeling a bit better thanks to this late-in-the-day find. I was browsing craigslist (which I never do) just for the hell of it. There was a sale from 10-7 on the other side of town that listed "ATARI GAME" in the description. We decided to check it out. The "atari game" was one of those cheap plug 'n' play things you find at TRU. However they also had an N64 system (asking $30) and 4 games asking $10 each (Paper Mario was the only boxed one). We offered a dollar for Paper Mario, the girlfriend asked her boyfriend (who was in the other room on the computer) and he responded "Do whatever you want". Eesh.

But yeah, random spur-of-the-moment sale and nice pick-up!

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