Saturday, November 5, 2005

Week 30 [11.05.05]

Day Total: $11.50
Sales Visited: 25

2 Combat (2600, cart only)
2 Astroblast (2600, cart only)
1 Real Sports Tennis (2600, cart only)
1 Warlords (2600, cart only)
1 Missle Command (2600, cart only)
1 Maze Craze (2600, cart only)
1 Star Raiders (2600, cart only)
1 Star Voyager (2600, cart only)
1 Cosmic Ark (2600, cart only)
1 TG-27 Target Fun (2600, cart only)
1 TG-64 Asteroids (2600, cart only)
1 TG-112 Space Invaders (2600, cart only)
Paid: $2.00

1 Shonen Jump Dec '04
1 Shonen Jump Mar '05
1 The Art of Drawing and Creating Manga
Paid: $1.00

1 Legend of Zelda: LTTP (SNES, Complete w/ map)
1 Arkanoid (SNES, "Complete" but missing plastic cart cover)
1 Space Invaders (SNES, "Complete" but missing plastic cart cover)
Paid: $7.00

Doom 64 (N64, cart only)
WCW/nWo Revenge (N64, cart only)
Paid: $1.00

Eevee (electronic toy)
Paid: $0.50

24 sales today.

The first sale on our list today advertised "Sega game w/ 25 games" and officially started at 8AM, and we got there at 7:50AM. I got out and didn't see any Sega stuff, so I asked and was informed that she just sold them to the other guy that was still at the sale. I asked him what he bought, and he showed me. It was just a Genesis with a bunch of common games, and he paid $25. Too rich for my blood. She also had an N64 for $20 and a PS1 for $20. No big loss.

There was a sale today that was advertised to start at 8:30AM, and we arrived at 8:20AM. There was yellow Caution tape strung across the driveway to keep people from coming in, which I didn't really think much of at first. I kind of didn't notice the crowd of people around either, and I began walking down the driveway. I heard "8:30! 8:30!", and saw that one of the guys setting up for the sale was telling me to go back behind the Caution tape. So there we waited, me and a crowd of 10 people, until 8:30 exactly. It only took 20 seconds to look around and see that they didn't have anything we wanted. This smacked of unprofessionalism to me, making their patrons wait until the exact minute of the advertised start time. Idiots.

Saw one of the dirtiest, dingiest, crustiest NESes I've ever seen in my life today. The lady wanted $5, to which I offered $1. She scoffed and said $3. No way, it would've taken me an hour just to clean the thing. Best part was, it wasn't even hers! One of her son's friends left it over her house or something. Lame.

There was a lot of "Come back next season" being said today. I was asking pretty much everybody if they had game stuff, and most people said they did but didn't know where it was, but they would have it for next year. We heard this 3 or 4 times today.

Gave my number to a lady at the end of the day, she said she had a bunch of old NES games. She asked how much I would pay, and I told her 50 cents a game. She sounded a little disappointed, but still took my number. we'll see if she actually calls.

Went to a sale right after hosted by 2 old people, and all they had on display was a bunch of Xmas stuff. I asked if they had any old game stuff and they said they did, and the old man went into his basement to look. After about 5 minutes he emerged empty handed, sadly informing me that "We used to have a big bag with 50 or so games in it, with the machines and everything. We've been moving around though, and I think I ended up throwing it away. I couldn't find it, I'm pretty sure I threw it away. Sorry." It's things like this that make me want to go down to the local dump and root around for awhile...

One of the last sales we found was on the way home, a few streets away. We followed the signs and got to it, parking across the street. One of the guys at the sale yells out "Hey! Hey! You can't park there! You gotta turn around and park down there!" So we said okay and just left without getting out. Who in their right mind would drive away their own customers with strict parking enforcement? We wouldn't have been there for more than a minute anyways, and we were on a main road and not blocking anything. Even if they had anything of interest, we've learned in the past that douchebags don't often give good deals.

We decided that today would probably be our last official YS day. The quantity and overall quality of the sales has been diminishing over the past 4 or 5 weeks, and we're fairly content with the way the season turned out. So unless we get a day with super-nice weather, or a ton of advertised sales, or a sale that advertises something particularly juicy, I think we're mostly done for the year.

Well...maybe we'll still check out the really close ones...

The Big Thank You:

I really want to extend a big heart-felt "Thank You" to everybody who participated in this thread throughout the year. We've been looking forward to Saturdays for the past 7 months, not only to go out yardsaling ourselves, but to report back with all of you, and to read about all of the adventures that you've had as well.

We look forward to a whole new thread of finds and stories next season. Until then, we'll enjoy reading about finds and stories for those who continue 'salin through the winter. From small beginnings, a strong community has arisen. We always hope to see new faces join the fun, and we hope the old faces will stick around and lend their experience. Every post, every story, and every tip. This thread is full of memories, and it's been really great to have shared them with one another.

Thanks again! we'll still be around, and hopefully you will too.

Until next season: Keep on salin'!

Went to visit my brother today, and there was a YS going on across the street. There was nothing visible, but the lady there said that she could go to her friends house to get some stuff. I came back an hour later to find a SNES with 4 boxed games (the one I left behind was a somewhat ragged Lemmings) and SMW. Asked how much she wanted for everything, she said "Well I know Zelda alone goes for $ about $50?"

I gave her the whole song and dance about how at Gamestop they'll give you 50 cents and laugh at you, and that prices on ebay are overinflated and you have to deal with shipping it and stuff. I finally ended up getting her to $7 for the 3, and she begrudgingly agreed. She had all of the manuals and stuff in a seperate pile along with all of the Nintendo Power inserts and stuff. She went through them and only took out the manuals and stuff, no inserts. I spoke up a little, but decided it wasn't worth a battle.

$7's a little much in terms of YS money, but I didn't want to pass up the chance to add another complete Zelda to the collection. In a different environment (at a flea market for example), I'd have no problem paying $5 for the Zelda and a buck a piece for the other 2. No biggie.

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