Saturday, November 19, 2005

Week 32 [11.19.05]

Day Total: $1
Sales Visited: 3

Forgotten Worlds (GEN, cart only)
Virtua Racing (GEN, cart only)
Paid: $1

Only went to 1 sale because it was close by and advertised toys. The kid wanted $20 for a Genesis and about 20 games, which had rental stickers all over them. We weeded through the games and were able to get these for a buck.

Comical story: Upon arriving the father gives us each a free lens cleaning cloth. But while Dom got to browse the sale, I somehow got stuck with the father giving me a sales pitch about glasses and how to pick out frames. He even picked some out to have me try on (used to have a store or something). Uhh, I don't recall expressing an interest in purchasing glasses! It was so hard to get away. I told him I already had a pair, to which he responded "You can never have enough pairs". Then I said thanks for the tips but I just bought a new pair the other day, and that finally seemed to back him away. The frames were store prices too, i.e. over $100, $150.

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