Saturday, May 14, 2005

Week 5 [5.14.05]

Day Total: $5.50
Sales Visited: 39

2 bins of MegaBloks*
Gengar plushie
Paid: $3.50

TMNT Trilogy VHS
Paid: $1

Star Wars Trilogy VHS
Paid: $1

*Upon getting home, we found out that the bins were 95% Tyco Mega Blox. We got burned.

So today was a weird day. We went to 39 yardsales, and bought things at 3 of them. We found ALOT more that we would buy, but were way too overpriced (and the sellers weren't willing to budge much).

Place 1:

  • Had a bunch of PS2 games ranging from $8 - $20. Nothing stellar.

  • Bunch of crappy PS1 games for $4 - $10 a piece.

  • Among them was a Non-GH Metal Gear Solid, with no manual, and 'meh' disks. He wanted $6.

  • A bunch of PC games, one of which being Simpsons Cartoon Studio, marked $4.

    I offered him a buck for Simpsons, to which he said "Well, all the prices marked are what I could get from this flea market I go to. I know they're a little high for a yardsales, but that's the prices I'm asking." I HATE when people say stuff like this, or "They go for this much on ebay." So sell them on ebay!

    Place 2:
    Was a 2 family sale on 1 driveway. One side was middle-aged women, and the other side was a middleage woman and her bulldog, barrelchested, visibily stubborn husband.

    The first side had 10 or so PS2 games, marked 8 each. The side with the bulldog-man had a dirty first-gen NES (gray gun), with ~10 games all in plastic cases. They were asking $15 for the console, and $3 for the "tapes". I was taken aback when she told me these (IMHO) rediculous prices. When I offered her $10 for the system and games, the husband gave a sarcastic laugh and an "No. No way."

    Now, we've seen many different types of people on our rounds this summer. There's the one type, mentioned above, who thinks they can get higher prices on ebay, but are inexplicably trying to get the same prices at a yardsale.

    These people, however, are just dumb. I'm pretty sure that this guy thought to himself "I paid $100 for this, and $50 each for these games. I'm already getting ripped off enough offering them for $15 and $3." What he doesn't realize is that things depreciate in value, regardless of what you paid for them.

    Place 3:
    Had a few random ps1 and ps2 games. Ps2 games were marked $2-$4, but all they had was Tony Hawk 3, Smuggler's Run, and something else.

    They also had 2 TMNT story books, and a Ghostbusters story book. I was almost going to buy them, but decided against it.

    Place 4:
    This lady had 3 medium size Ziplock bags with legos in them, but she was asking $5 a bag! Especially after we had already snagged the big bins for cheap (well, we thought they were legos at the time), there was no way we were paying those rediculous prices. She offered $12 to take them all, but please. $5 for a medium-sized Ziplock bag of legos? That won't sell, no way. We tried to buy this at noon by the way, and she was already on her second day.

    So yeah, kind of a frustrating day. We found a lot of good stuff, and a surprising amount of videogames, but they were all being sold by stubborn people with unrealistic prices. Feh.

    Hopefully next week I'll find that ever-elusive Neo Geo AES . The search, nay, the quest will continue next week.

    Good luck to all!
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