Saturday, May 21, 2005

Week 6 [5.21.05]

Day Total: $10
Sales Visited: 43

Tony Hawk 4 (GBA)
Paid: $0.50

[All boxes pretty much mint and include styrofoam inserts]
1 Adventures of Bayou Billy (Complete)
1 Blades of Steel (Missing sleeve, cart has "Robinson" written on it)
1 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (Complete, manual slightly bent but not creased)
1 Contra (Complete, cart has "Robinson" written on it)
1 Maniac Mansion (Complete)
1 RC Pro Am (Missing sleeve, cart has "Robinson" written on it)
1 Star Wars (Missing manual, but includes merchandise order sheet)
1 Super-C (Complete, includes original receipt. Bought at BJ's for $30 on 12/29/90, my 6th birthday coincidentally)
1 Tecmo Bowl (Missing sleeve, cart sticker ripped)
1 Legend of Zelda (Box and manual only)
1 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Cart + sleeve)
1 Golf (Cart + sleeve)
1 Slalom (Cart + sleeve)
1 Rad Racer (Cart only)
1 Super Mario / Duckhunt (Cart + manual)
1 Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo! Game Strategies 332 page book
Paid: $8

Lego #375 (1966)
1 bag Lego bricks
Paid: $1.50

I took sleeves from my other NES games to further complete the boxed NES games without sleeves. I also had a cart-only Zelda already, so now that has a nice box to be displayed in! That NES score made today the best outing yet (IMHO). Some not-so-exciting stories coming in a further post.

Good luck hunters!

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