Saturday, May 28, 2005

Week 7 [5.28.05]

Day Total: $3
Sales Visited: 23

Street Fighter II
Special Champion Edition
Paid: $1

"Hungry For You" Pac-Man plushie
Paid: $0.25

1 Area 51 (Saturn, Complete)
1 The Little Mermaid VHS (1975 Anime, tape made in 1989)
1 Captain Power Future Force Training VHS Game
Paid: $0.75

2 N64 Promo VHS tapes
Paid: $1

I got the SFII at the first yardsale we went to. She also had a Model 1 Genesis, a 32X, 1 Gen controller, 1 racing 32X game, 3 other crap Gen games of varying completeness, and a cart only Fatal Fury (Gen). She also had a Model1 PSX with Crash Nitro Kart, and 1 controller. Everything was dirty and strewn about in a box, it didn't look like all the cables were there. She wanted $20 for the box, $10 with all of the PSX stuff taken out. I would've paid $5, but she wouldn't budge, and I wasn't going to pay $10 for a dirty Gen + 32X and a few incomplete crap games. She barely gave me SFII for a buck.

Saw someone trying to sell 3 PS1 games for $10 each (Smackdown was one of them, sports titles for the other 2).

Not many sales today because of Memorial Day (and we've had a lot of rain all week, and I think people were expecting this weekend to be a washout, although it ended up being beautiful out). I'm actually surprised that we got what we did.

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