Saturday, April 30, 2005

Week 4 [4.30.05]

Day Total: $1
Sales Visited: 18

Super Scope 6 (SNES)
NES game case
Paid: $0.50

Dinosaurs VHS
Paid: $0.50

We were supposed to hit 18 yardsales, but at the end of the day the total was 16. We found 1 that wasn't advertised, and 3 of the advertised ones were cancelled. Given that we actually attended 16 yardsales, it was a fairly dissapointing day. We have some good stories though, but I'll let Liz post those.

The yardsale that had the Super Scope 6 game also had a few crappy-but-complete Genesis games (Tom and Jerry was one I remember), marked at 4 bucks each. Some cart-only Gameboy games marked 2 apiece, a teal GBC marked 8, and Fantavision (PS2) marked 8. It was roughly 8:30AM, so it was too early in the day to really haggle them down from their already-high prices. SS6 was marked as 2 but he took what I offered. It was the first yardsale we went to today, and had I known that we wouldn't have found much else, I probably would've lowballed him on some other stuff. Ah well, no big loss.

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