Saturday, August 27, 2005

Week 20 [8.27.05]

Day Total: $7.00
Sales Visited: 33

2 Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 systems
1 Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 Box (no styrafoam)
Most inserts (including manual, precaution book, warranty cards, 3DO club card)
2 Panasonic Original 3DO controllers
1 Third-Party? 3DO controller
1 set of AV hookups
1 sampler disk (3DO, disk only)
1 John Madden Football (3DO, disk only)
1 Twisted: The Game Show (3DO, disk only)
1 Pink Floyd CD (dunno which)
1 Madden '94 (Gen, cart only)
1 Third-Party Gen controller
1 Road-Rash manual
1 Jurassic Park Interactive manual
2 3DO posters (SSF2 and Madden)
Paid: $5.00

Lego 8226 (sealed)
1 Bag assorted Legos
Paid: $2.00

Today was our 20th week out! We hit 33 sales today, which brought our total-number-of-sales-hit-this-season to over 500 sales!

The 3DO stuff was at a house on the side of a highway (RT 1). I saw the system and controller on top of a box, and quickly put my hands on it so that nobody else would take it. I found the lady who was running it, and asked how much she wanted. "For everything?" she asked. I thought this was weird, because what would i do, just buy the controller or something? So I said "yeah", and she said "Hrm. $5 for both?" ...." Both, what? There's 2 systems?" "Yup!" she happily answered, and upon inspection, there was. The box still has a $400 pricetag from Babbages on it, and is in fairly decent shape (I had to refold/shape the bottom, but it looks okay). I found Madden by powering them up and opening the trays. They both powered on ok, I'll probably test them tonight (I'd never seen a 3DO before in real life before today.) One system and controller are pretty dirty but all of the other stuff is pretty good.

Saw an After Burner arcade cabinet today. It had an 8-by-11 sign on it that said "50 cents a play, 3 for a dollar" on it. I asked if they were selling it but they weren't. What kind of dicks put out an arcade cabinet for their yardsale, with no intentions to sell it, and then charge you to use it!? Dicks!

Saw a knee-high huge novelty Lego mini-fig at that same sale. They marked it as $4, but from the looks of the pay-for-play arcade cabinet, I doubt they would've been talked down, so we passed.

20 weeks! 500 sales! It's been a hell of a season, and we still have a few weeks left. Good luck everyone!

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