Saturday, August 13, 2005

Week 18 [8.13.05]

Day Total: -$3.75
Sales Visited: 26

Lego Bionicle 8592
Paid: $0.25

Gameboy Color (GBC, cart only)
Disney Magical Racing Tour (GBC, cart only)
Paid: $1

Five Dollar Bill
Paid: FREE

Crappy day today.

26 sales, and we barely saw any game-related stuff at all. 2 different houses had almost the exact same game-offering, which was 7 old PS2 sports games apiece.

Found $5 on the street, that was pretty cool.

There was one yardsale that was really memorable though. I walked up to it and was casually looking everything over, when I saw a Doraemon (popular japanese cartoon) board game, with all Japanese writing on it. "Wow, don't see that every yard sale" I thought. Then, right above it, I saw a bunch of Japanese CDs. "Whoa!" Then a bunch of other Japanese stuff! I looked up to see that the sale holders were, in fact, Japanese. Everything they were selling was Japanese, from children's story books to toys to even Lego-type-blocks with kanji on them. It was all stuff we were into, and they were really nice, but they didn't have anything specific that we wanted to buy. Still really cool to see though, probably won't see anything like that ever again.

But yeah, we barely saw anything. Too bad.

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