Saturday, July 2, 2005

Week 12 [7.02.05]

Day Total: $2.00
Sales Visited: 6

1 SNES console deck
2 controllers (1 with Start/Select gouged out)
1 RF hookup (cable severed)
1 Mortal Kombat (SNES, cart only)
Paid: $2.00

We drove around 6 different towns and only found 6 yard sales. The lack of advertised sales should've offered a hint, but we didn't know that it would be THAT desolate (we kind of forgot/underestimated the 4th of July weekend).

The SNES was at this farmhouse located at the end of a dirt road. This old man with an old smoker's voice had some dirty stuff on his truck. I saw a NES with controllers and no hookups, but passed on it. I asked if he had any other game stuff, and he brought me inside to show me an N64 hooked up to an old small TV, and about 9 games. He wanted $25 for the system, games, and TV, but I passed. He also brought me around back to his shed where he found the SNES. He offered $2, I offered $1, he laughed, and I gave him the $2.

Upon leaving, he told us that "everything in the barn is free", so we took a look around. The whole place was dirty as hell, but we found 2 porn magazines from 1975, so we took them. Flipped through them a little in the car, but found a bunch of mouse turds and decided to throw it out at the nearest gas station. Still, not every day you find old porn.

6 sales was kind of a letdown, but it's understandable with the holiday weekend. I'm wondering there'll be a YS overflow next weekend. Ah well.

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