Saturday, July 16, 2005

Week 14 [7.16.05]

Day Total: $3.00
Sales Visited: 60

Lego 6969
Paid: $1

1 NES (with hookups, A/V still in bag)
2 controllers
1 Space Attack (2600, cart only)
1 Doug Pen
Paid: $1

Karaoke Revolution (PS2)
Paid: $1

We hit 60 yardsales today, mostly because there were a lot of neighborhood sales.

Saw a playstation with 6 games (nothing stellar) for $10. Good deal, but I didn't need it.

Saw a NES with ~6 games, all of which had USED Gamestop stickers on them, 2 controllers (one of which in a Gamestop used bag), and a gun. "I know a place where I can get this cleaned, and I know it's worth 50 bucks, but I could let it go for $25". Yeah good luck sister.

Saw an N64 with 6 complete games (Mario 64 and Mario Kart among them) at 12 noon. They wanted $10 per game, $25 for the system, and $50 for the lot. "We're selling these for $10 because you can buy them for $20 in the stores." Uhuh, sure. Which is why you still have this stuff, visible from a mile away, at 12 o'clock.

The NES we bought was hidden in a box under a table, with a little piece of paper that had "Play Station, $2.00" written in cursive on it. I found that funny. A nice old lady took a dollar for the box.

Saw a whole lot of crap today, but I can't complain too much, because at least there were sales to go to. After being burned by a few cities in the past, and being burned again by them today, we've officially made up our minds to avoid them in the future. Every week our technique becomes more refined, and by the end of the Summer I think we'll have our method down pat.

I saw a big Mr. T figure today but didn't buy it, but it would've been funny to report it on the same day as a Pee Wee Herman.

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