Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007 Year in Review


Total Sales: 482
Total Purchases: 80
Total Spent: $232.25
Average Sales Per Week: 26.77
Average Spent Per Week: $12.90
Average Price Per Purchase: $2.87

Total Sales: 948
Total Purchases: 150
Total Spent: $421
Average Sales Per Week: 26.33
Average Spent Per Week: $11.69
Average Price Per Purchase: $2.79

Total Sales: 883
Total Purchases: 97
Total Spent: $274.75
Average Sales Per Week: 26.76
Average Spent Per Week: $8.32
Average Price Per Purchase: $2.75

It's time to look back on our yardsaling year! Click "Today's Stories" to read more!

We did not go out as much as we did in previous years due to several rainy Saturdays, limited number of yardsale listings in the newspapers and Craigslist, and being busy or even sometimes...a little lazy. Craigslist was also pretty dry for most of the year. Most videogame listings were from people who have been posting for the last few years and still trying to sell their overpriced items.

The best find of the season would have to be the 100+ NES Games Bundle. It was the biggest single bundle we ever got, and we can still remember the first moment we spotted those Nintendo cases as we walked up to the sale. Bundles have always been few and far between, and usually rather small, so this was a great find on many levels.

Others worth mentioning are the brand new Wiimote, finally picking up a Super Scope, and another huge Japanese manga bundle. Most of our purchases were rather lackluster, with a few NES, SNES, or GEN mini-bundles here and there, but mostly small pickups.

2008 will be a big year for us: we are buying a house and getting married. But yardsaling is still in the plans! We are looking forward to next season and finally being able to set up and display all our finds in our new house, as well as finally getting a really great gaming setup going for all our old-school games. There's still plenty to be found out there, and we'll be rearing to go come springtime.

Until next year!

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