Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 18 [10.13.07]

Day Total: $11.50
Sales Visited: 34

1 Super Nintendo (Complete)
2 Dual Turbo wireless SNES controllers (Complete)
1 Super Metroid (SNES, complete)
1 Spider-man X-Men (SNES, complete)
1 Doom (SNES, cart + manual)
1 Super Mario All-Stars (SNES, complete)
1 NBA All-Star Challenge (SNES, complete)
1 Natsume Championship Wrestling (SNES, complete)
1 Warlock (SNES, complete)
1 Lost Dimension (SNES, complete)
Paid: $5.00

1 NES (system + manual)
1 NES controller
1 NES Zapper (w/ manual)
1 Camerica SuperSonic wireless joystick
1 NES Power Glove (w/ sensors and manual)
1 Super Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (NES, cart only)
1 Super Mario 3 (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Legend of Zelda (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Ice Hockey (NES, cart only)
1 NARC (NES, cart only)
1 Track and Field 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Sega Genesis (Model 1, system only)
1 Aladdin (GEN, complete)
1 N64 (w/ power adapter)
1 N64 controller
1 N64 memory card
1 Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, cart only)
1 Super Mario 64 (N64, cart only)
1 South Park: Chef's Luv Shack (N64, cart only)
1 3rd party PS1 controller
1 microphone
Paid: $3.00

1 Playstation Multitap (Sealed)
Paid: $0.50

1 Mario Golf (GCN, complete)
Paid: $1.00

1 SW: Clone Wars / Tetris (XBox, complete)
Paid: $0.50

1 GBC case
Paid: $0.25

1 16MB USB Harddrive (NIB)
Paid: $1.00

1 Care Bears Series DVD
Paid: $0.25

On Friday night we went to an annual church bazaar that usually has (literally) the same crap year after year. After squeezing through the small, crowded room, we were pleasantly surprised to find the SNES and games, marked $10 for all. We CIF'd $5 to the man running the table, who apologetically asked, "You know those are old games, right?" We said "Yes, that's fine!", and he gladly took our offer. It was funny to see that because the items were older, he valued them less, rather than using the "older" factor to raise asking prices (which is what we typically experience).

Saturday was the first really cold day of the season for us, as the weather has been unseasonably warm these past few weeks. Nevertheless, there were still lots of sales going on. However, videogame sightings were limited. At one sale where we asked about games, a random yardsaler announced that she had an Atari. She wasn't saying it for us to buy it, she was just letting us know she had one. This happens rather often and it's really annoying. Random people always have to announce that they have what you are looking for, simply to tell you they have it. If it's not at the yardsale and you aren't looking to sell, we're not interested!

We got another comment from another random yardsaler a little later in the day, but this time the comment was in the form of a tip. This older gentleman had overheard us asking about videogames, and as we were leaving, he told us that he saw some Nintendo stuff at a different sale that was close by. He gave us accurate directions, and we easily found our way there. We found a NES in its original box, a SNES with a few games in a milk crate (only notable being Y's III, which we already have), a PS1 in a milk crate with no games, and a Genesis in a milk crate with no games. We asked the old woman there as to what she was asking for prices, and she informed us that her daughter was holding the sale, and that she was inside "checking the prices on ebay". Damn. A middle aged woman later came out, and confirmed our fears. We offered $5 for the NES, SNES, and GEN stuff, to which she curtly responded "No." We then offered to take out the GEN stuff, and we got the same quick and rude "No." Her gruff husband later came out, and was telling her to refuse any offer we gave her. She kept telling us that "if this stuff doesn't sell then it's going on ebay." We must have gotten 10 rude "No!" s during our time there. Ah well, we're used to it by now. Typical ebayer, they want all of the positive aspects of ebay without doing any of the work, or taking any of the risk that it requires.

We found the NES/N64/GEN bundle in an area that we typically do not yardsale in. There were several signs pointing down one street, so we took it and ended up coming across 4 yardsales. The young woman with the games was very friendly, telling us not to worry about the prices on their items (which were already wicked cheap!) and to make an offer on anything. So we asked about games and she pointed to one of her tables where everything was sitting in white wicker baskets. We barely looked at what was there and offered $3 for everything. She exclaimed, "Sure, take it all!" She was just looking to get rid of her stuff, which is the right attitude to have when holding a sale. It's always refreshing to come across these folks. Even though we weren't interested in anything else at the sale, all her items were incredibly cheap - the highest tag I saw was for $2. It was a pleasant change from all the $10, $15, and $25 tags we see rather often.

We also hit a huge local school fundraiser yardsale. Picked up the Care Bears dvd here (for nostaglia purposes). One woman had nearly 30 movie posters on a lawn chair. She was telling some guy her son used to work at the movie theater. He started going through the posters, so Liz stood behind-beside him to see if she saw anything she might want to buy. He turned to look at her, then kind of moved a bit in her way so she couldn't see. She went back a few minutes later and they were all gone. She also came across some first edition Harry Potter hardcovers in very good condition. She had been looking to replace her original copies, so she was hoping for a good deal. Sadly, the woman was asking eBay prices for them, pointing out the original MSRP prices in the bookflap. It was a lost cause. Books are supposed to be sold for nickels and dimes at yardsales, not at $30 a piece.

Not much else to report. Hoping for at least a few more weeks of sales. Then it's time to work through our backlog of stuff that needs to be cleaned. I don't think we've cleaned since around June. A few Saturdays should be all we need.

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