Saturday, August 11, 2007

Week 12 [08.11.07]

Day Total: $3.50
Sales Visited: 18

Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, complete)
Final Fantasy IX (PS1, missing manual)
Legend of Dragoon (PS1, missing manual)
Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey (PS1, complete)
Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast, complete)
Mortal Combat Gold (Dreamcast, complete)
Paid: $3.00

Jurassic Park (SCD, complete)
Paid: $0.25

Super Mario plastice bowl (1989)
Paid: $0.25

After a 2-week hiatus, we ventured out saling once more. It has been very slow for sales around here this summer. There were not enough sales the past 2 weeks to even warrant going out. Even today was a short adventure, but at least we didn't come home empty-handed.

We scored the Playstation RPGs at the last sale of the day. We asked if they had any video games, and the sellers mentioned that their son had "tons of games", and that he was willing to sell. They pull out a duffle bag that is chock full of Playstation and Dreamcast games, along with a Playstation, Game Gear, a NES controller, and a bunch of cables. Final Fantasy IX was sitting right on top, so we dove in to see what other goodies awaited. Most of the games were ones we had or were just crap, so we took the gems and set them aside. We contemplated whether we should just take the whole bag, or just purchase those games. We offered $10 for the bag, but he shot it down pretty quickly. He was trying to get ahold of his son via cell to see how much he wanted for each game. We then decided better just take the games we had. Offered $3 and he took it with no hesitation, saying "Yeah, he's never gonna touch these again". We practically ran to the car before he could get his son on the phone, just in case!

There had to be more in that house somewhere, as there were at least 4 systems represented in that bag. But we got a great deal on the games we got, so we're happy!

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