Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 10 [07.14.07]

Day Total: $11.00
Sales Visited: 20

1 Secret of Mana (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Game Boy (SNES, cart only)
1 N64 Jumper Pack
1 3rd party N64 memory card
1 N64 RF adapter (Box only)
1 Nintendo AV cable
1 Game Boy
1 Game Boy AC adapter
1 official Nintendo Game Boy carrying case
1 Super Mario Land (GB, cart only)
1 Bases Loaded (GB, cart only)
1 Bo Jackson Two Games in One (GB, cart only)
1 Home Alone (GB, cart + case)
1 Tetris (GB, cart + case)
1 TMNT 2: Back from the Sewers (GB, cart + case)
1 Kirby's Dreamland (GB, cart + case)
1 Bart Vs. The Juggernauts (GB, cart + case)
1 Heianky Alien (GB, cart + case)
1 Sports Illustrated Golf Classic (GB, cart + case)
1 Berai Fighter Deluxe (GB, cart + case)
1 Super Mario Land 2 (GB, cart + case)
1 Mickey's Dangerous Chase (GB, cart + case)
1 Jungle Strike (GB, cart + case)
1 Daedalian Opus (GB, cart + case)
Paid: $7.00

1 SNES (w/ AC adapter and RF hookups)
2 SNES controllers
Paid: $1.00

1 Spider-man (N64, cart only)
1 Excitebike 64 (N64, cart only)
Paid: $1.00

2 Game Boy Color's
1 official Nintendo Game Boy carrying case
1 Pokemon Yellow (GB, cart only)
1 Tony Hawk Pro Skater (GB, cart only)
1 Game and Watch Gallery (GBC, cart only)
1 GBA link cable
1 Madcatz GBA controller attachment (w/ AC adapter)
1 Madcatz magnifier and light
Paid: $2.00

Between 4th of July and vacationing to Vermont, we haven't been out for a couple weekends. Today was a relatively light day in terms of number of sales, but we decided to venture out anyway. We're hoping next week will be much busier!

The Secret of Mana and GB bundle was found after inquiring with the seller. The husband brought out a small plastic tub with the SNES items and some cables, plus an action figure and some other small toys. Then the wife grabbed a GB case from another table (that we somehow missed) and asked if we wanted those too. We said yes, and offered $5 for everything. The wife reeled at our offer, and proceeded to pull out everything from the tub that wasn't video game related. Then she counted the GB games and said she wouldn't go less than $10 for everything. We asked if they could meet halfway at $7, and the woman threw her hands up and walked away saying, "I can't deal with this!" The husband just kinda stood awkwardly a moment, and then he took $7. We should've known when we saw every item individually tagged that someone at that house was a tad nutty.

When we arrived at the sale where we ultimately purchased the SNES, they informed us that someone had just bought all the games. They left behind the SNES, and Playstation, and several Playstation games (nothing of interest). On the table was just the SNES, AC adapter, and RF cable. We couldn't find any controllers, and the sellers didn't know anything about them. So we offered $1, the woman countered with $4, but we stayed firm on $1. She let us have it. As we were walking away we saw a box under a table that we missed, and there were 2 SNES controllers, along with SMB3, a Genesis game, and a few random Genesis accessories. We pulled out the controllers, wondering if we should offer another $1 for them, but the lady came over and just told us to take them. She also mentioned that her son had a bunch of other games, she just didn't know where they were, and that he didn't know they were selling the items that were out there. We've encountered this often, where parents just sell their kids' games without their permission, and they tell us about it. It makes us wonder how many fights ensue later on when the kid finds out his stuff is gone. Some parents just don't care, I guess.

At another sale, we had to pass on overpriced PC games: Street Fighter II, Sim City, and Sim City 2000. We tried $1 each, but he wanted $4 each. It was just way too much for old PC games (Windows 95 era).

We also were reinforced on a hard lesson today. Not a huge deal, but at the same sale as the PC games, they had a Metal Gear Solid Saga DVD for $2. We were kind of interested in it, but thought "meh" and went on to the next sale. After we finished at the next sale, we realized we should've just bought it. The price was right, it was just something we were on the fence about buying. Luckily we were close by, so we swung back...only to see an older gentleman holding the DVD along with the PS2 games they had for sale: he had bought up the remaining items right as we pulled up. Not a huge loss at all, but it just reminded us that if you see something you might want, and it's reasonably priced, just buy it. What's a couple bucks? It was a total out of character move on our part, too, but I think being out of the game for a couple weeks threw us off. Ah well.

As always, looking forward to next week!

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