Saturday, October 14, 2006

Week 34 [10.14.06]

Day Total: $3.75
Sales Visited: 33

1 Sega Genesis Model 1 box
1 Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN, box only)
1 Sonic 2 (GG, box only)
Paid: FREE

1 Atari 2600 (w/ hookups and paddles)
1 Pitfall (2600, cart+manual)
1 Combat(2600, cart+manual)
1 Pac-Man (2600, cart+manual)
1 Space Jockey (2600, cart+manual)
Misc. 2600 manuals
Paid: $1.00

1 N64 (all hookups)
2 1st party controllers
1 3rd party memory card
1 Goldeneye (N64, cart only)
Paid: $1.00

1 10-Yard Fight (NES, cart only)
1 Ring King (NES, cart+sleeve)
1 Wayne Gretsky Hockey (NES, cart+sleeve)
1 Rescue: The Embassy Mission (NES. cart+sleeve)
10 Pokemon figurines
Paid: $1.25

Lord of the Rings animated VHS
Paid: $0.50

33 sales, and boy was it chilly this morning!

Day of long driveways! By this I mean almost every sale we went to was at a house with one of those lonnnng driveways, and of course everything is concentrated up at the garage. At least we got some exercise!

Saw our competition again this morning, the flea market vendor we bought the TG16 games off of. We definitely see him every week now.

Nothing much for stories. Everything was reasonably priced, so bargaining was nearly effortless. Wonder if it's the time of year? The season is ending, and people are just looking to unload stuff quickly.

Originally Posted by Liz on 8/5/06
Gave our number out to several people. One sale in particular, the woman said she had been trying to get her son to sell his videogames. And right there in the garage, packed up on a shelving unit and partially covered: boxed Game Boy, boxed Game Gear, boxed N64, several boxed games, and she said that they also had a bunch of Nintendo and Super Nintendo stuff. The whole corner was covered by a sheet so we only saw some of the stuff poking out. She took our number and gave us her son's number (apparently he's away for the weekend), but she said to go ahead and call him whenever we wanted. We left a message around noontime. We're expecting him to be asking eBay prices for what he has, so hopes are low. But at least it's a chance.

I've been keeping an eye on the sales, and wouldn't you know, she held another sale. I hoped that all those games were still there, even just to see them again, but when we approached the garage, it had been CLEANED OUT. That whole corner - once full of boxed everything - was bare. The shelving unit was still there, but it had other stuff on it. It was so weird (and disappointing) to see. Her son of course never called us, and he probably came and took them all to wherever he lives. On top of the shelf was the Genesis box, which we just took down and could tell right away it was void of a system. We asked her if we could have it, and she found it odd that we just wanted the box, but said sure.

An average day. Only a few more weeks left for us... Good luck all!

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