Saturday, October 7, 2006

Week 33 [10.07.06]

Day Total: $4.50
Sales Visited: 11

1 Y's III: Wanderers From Y's (SNES, cart only)
Paid: $1.00

1 TMNT (NES, cart + manual)
1 Shatterhand (NES, cart + manual)
1 Bubble Bobble (NES, cart + manual)
1 Virtual Pool (N64, cart only)
Assorted NES manuals
Paid: $1.50

1 Commodore 64 (all hookups + manual)
1 Commodore 64 Disk Drive
1 Mouse
2 3rd party joysticks
Box full of copied utilities
Paid: $2.00

Sony Dualshock
PS1 arcade stick
Paid: FREE

11 combined sales this weekend.

Liz was in VT this weekend, and she picked up the free controllers from a random sale she ran into. I decided to forego making directions, planning instead to just drive around randomly looking for signs. I found 10 sales this way, which wasn't too bad. It's getting chilly and the number of sales is starting to fall. I dunno how you solo-salers do it. I missed my teammate!

The SNES game was cherry-picked from a pile of 10 or so games. I had to ask if they had anything, and the lady went inside and retrieved a shoebox. The other stuff was pretty common, mostly Disney and Looney Toons games. I tried to CIF a buck for Y's and Zelda LTTP, but she responded with a buck each. I didn't fight too much and just took Y's.

The NES games were cherry-picked from a NES lot, which they were asking $25 on. I took a bunch of manuals for games that we already had too, and they didn't seem to mind at all. I left behind a bunch of games we already had (plus the system), and a few N64 games that we had already. They also had a Zelda OOT guide, but the pages were all coming out, so I didn't bother. I accidentally left the TMNT manual behind, which I later went back for (had to buy the game as well to get it). $1 initial purchase and an extra 50 cents for TMNT with manual.

I almost skipped on the Commodore. Originally asking $10, I didn't even bother making a counter offer. As I walked to the car the seller yelled "What's the matter? Was that too much?" So I walked back over and inspected everything, then offered $2. He kept trying to get $5, but I stood firm. After about 5 minutes of back and forth, he took it. didn't have one of these before, so it's nice to add it to the collection.

I hope we get at least one more decent weekend before the season ends. I'm going to be really sad to see winter again. The first few weekends without yardsales are nice, because you get to sleep in. But then after awhile you start getting that twitch, and then by Februrary it becomes unbearable.

Sigh. It was a really nice year. Seemed to go by way too quickly though.

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