Saturday, July 22, 2006

Week 22 [07.22.06]

Day Total: $10.00
Sales Visited: 1


1 Turbo-Grafx 16 (all hookups, manual + inserts)
3 TG16 controllers
1 Turbo Tap
1 Deep Blue (TG16, card+case+manual+french manual)
1 Bomberman (TG16, card+sleeve+case+manual+french manual)
1 Bonk's Adventure (TG16, card+sleeve+case+manual)
1 Keith Courage (TG16, card+sleeve+case+manual+comic)
1 BoxyBoy (TG16, card+sleeve+manual+case)
1 Devil's Crush (TG16, card+case+manual)
1 Pac-Land (TG16, card+sleeve+case+manual)
1 Victory Run (TG16, card+case+manual)
1 Neutopia (TG16, card+sleeve+case+manual)
1 Air Zonk (TG16, card+sleeve+manual)
1 Odyssey 100 (complete in box)
1 Odyssey 300 (complete in box)
1 Atari 2600 Box + manual
Paid: $10.00

No yard sales for us today, rained out.

We got this stuff from a CL posting. They were mainly advertising their AppleIIe computer, and threw in that they had some Turbo stuff at the end. We talked them down from $40 to $10.

It was kind of weird picking it up. So we had already agreed on everything that we eventually bought for $10, but when we arrived at the young couple's appartment, we were told that "Well, something happened before you got here..." We were both very confused.

" Well you see, somebody called after you did, and they wanted to buy some of the Turbo stuff for a lot more than you were going to pay for it. But they said they already the system, and only wanted some games. But we were going to run it by you first. He's actually on his way over right now." So we look at the games that the other guy wanted to buy, and of course it's all the good stuff. But we put our foot down, and said that the deal was already made and we already drove for 30 minutes to pick this stuff up. After a few shard glances, they reluctantly gave us everything. They then tryed to pull the same scenario with the Ody100, but we spoke up again.

I feel for them, I really do, but once you make a deal you can't back out on it. They didn't have to take our offer if they didn't want to, and they could've waited until tomorrow until some better offers rolled in. But we thought it was pretty unprofessional to change the original deal after we got there.

First time that's happened for us, although we don't CL too often.

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