Saturday, July 1, 2006

Week 19 [07.01.06]

Day Total: $15.75
Sales Visited: 39

1 Turbo Express
1 Turbo Tuner
1 Keith Courage (TG16, complete)
1 Bonk's Adventure (TG16, complete)
1 Bonk's Revenge (TG16, complete)
1 Legendary Axe (TG16, complete)
1 Victory Run (TG16, missing Hu-card sleeve)
1 Bravoman (TG16, complete)
1 TV Sports Football (TG16, complete)
1 Night Trap (SCD, complete)
1 Hook (SCD, complete)
1 Sewer Shark (SCD, complete)
1 Willy Beamish (SCD, complete)
1 Sega Classics/Sherlock Holmes (SCD, complete)
1 Sol-Feace (SCD, complete)
1 Sega CD Music Sampler (missing one disc)
1 Sonic CD (SCD, complete)
1 Cool Spot (GEN, complete)
1 Decap Attack (GEN, complete)
1 Flashback (GEN, complete)
Paid: $7.00

Zelda: Ocarina of Time guide
1.5 lbs of Legos
Paid: $0.50

1 Star Wars: Rebel Strike (GCN, complete)
1 Star Wars: Rebel Strike guide
1 Mario Kart: Double Dash (GCN, complete)
1 Mario Party 4 (GCN, complete)
1 Sonic Adventure 2 (GCN, complete)
Paid: $4.00

1 Pokemon Crystal (GBC, complete)
Paid: $1.00

1 Super Smash Bros. (N64, cart + manual)
1 Mario Tennis (N64, cart + manual)
Paid: $2.00

1 Animaniacs (SNES, cart only)
Paid: $0.50

Street Fighter II board game
$5 Friendly's Gift Certificate
Paid: $0.50

Sega Sports seat cushion
Paid: $0.50

Pac-Man glass (Arby's, 1980)
Paid: $0.50

Beautiful day, and we hit a decent amount of sales considering it's a holiday weekend. We rounded out the day with 39 sales.

Every now and then, we'll spot a sign for an "unadvertised" sale, and end up driving several miles off our route only to arrive at a crappy sale not worth the ride. Today was the exception, and reinforced the notion that it's always worth it to check. The sale was taking place in the house, and upon entering the basement, we spotted a TG game. Then to our horror, we looked down to see a middle-aged woman kneeling, holding the Turbo Express and several games.

As we were mentally cursing ourselves for being mere seconds too late, she looked up at us and smiled, "Oh, do you play these games? I'm looking for Turbo ... something games." Dom looked at the one he was holding and said, "Well this is one, but I was kinda planning on buying it." Then she asked, "Oh, well, do you want to buy these, too? I think these would be better suited with you." We stared blankly a moment, then asked, "Are you sure?" Without hesitation, she handed us what she was holding and said, "Definitely, go ahead," and left.

Afterwards, we raided the shelves of the SegaCD and Genesis games. The woman running the sale countered our $5 offer with $10, to which we settled on $7. Unfortunately, there was no SegaCD system in sight.

At another unadvertised sale, a young kid was selling a whole boxful of GameCube games for 2 bucks each, and guides for a dollar or free with the game. We were amazed by his awesome prices relative to other yardsales.

The woman selling the N64 games had several more, each bagged individually with their manuals and marked $3 each. The system was marked $15. I didn't think we would be buying anything from her, and was sure Super Smash would evade us again. We were somewhat surprised when she accepted our $2 offer, considering how she priced her games. But we were psyched to finally get Smash!

At a later sale, a woman had a card table with a bunch of Game Boy games on it. Upon closer inspection, there were 6 Pokemon Crystals, 3-4 each of Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow, and Gold, and a couple other misc. games. Asking $5 each. It was funny not only because she had multiple copies of the same game, we had just picked up Crystal earlier COMPLETE for a buck. I still get amazed at how people price their games.

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