Saturday, September 24, 2005

Week 24 [9.24.05]

Day Total: $29.00
Sales Visited: 41

1 TurboGrafx 16 with TGCD add-on (all hookups)
1 TG16 carrying case
1 TurboTap
4 TurboPads
2 System Card 2.0s
1 Bonk's Adventure (TG16, complete w/ card sleeve)
1 Bomberman (TG16, complete w/ card sleeve)
1 Paranoia (PC-E Import, complete w/ card sleeve)
1 J.B. Harold Murder Club (TGCD, complete)
1 Y's Book I and II (TGCD, Case+manual+map, NO DISK)
2 Gameboy Originals
2 Super RC Pro Am (GB, cart + case, 2 manuals)
2 Tetris (1 cart, 1 cart + case, 1 manual)
1 Gameboy 4-player adapter (with 1 cable)
Assorted GB manuals
Paid: $20.00

1 TI-99 (all hookups)
2 sets of TI controllers
1 binder full of TI manuals, programming guides, and warranties
1 GE program-cassette-recorder attatchment (plus microphone)
1 Home Financial Decisions (TI-99, complete)
1 Tombstone City (TI-99, complete)
1 Household Budget Management (TI-99, complete)
1 Munch Man (TI-99, complete)
1 The Attack (TI-99, complete)
1 Early Learning Fun (TI-99, complete)
1 Car Wars (TI-99, complete)
1 Defender (TI-99, complete)
1 Centipede (TI-99, complete)
1 Donkey Kong (TI-99, complete)
1 Pole Position (TI-99, complete)
1 Ms. Pac-man (TI-99, complete)
1 Demolition Division (TI-99, cart + manual)
1 Aligator Mix (TI-99, cart + manual)
1 Coleco Telstar unit (hookups + manual)
Paid: $6.00

3.5 lbs. of Legos
Paid: $2.00

Deluxe Talkboy
Paid: $1.00

Sorry for such a late update, CAG's been having troubles at my place for some reason.

Hit 41 sales today.

For some reason I undervalued the TI-99 pick up when we first got it. I was kind of like "meh", and just put it in the trunk. When I was looking through all the boxes I felt better about it, I have no idea why I wasn't excited about it when I got it. Nice to have a pong-unit too, it's my first.

I had kind of an opposite effect with the TG stuff, long story with that purchase as well. We pulled up to the sale, didn't see much of anything, and was about to leave. The guy there asked me what I was looking for, and I gave him the full shpiel.

It turns out that he worked for Electronic Arts until 1996, and then at Atari until their MA branch recently closed down. He also programmed the firmware for the NES powerglove. So he brings out a big box with the TG and GB stuff in it, plus a boxed DC, and another DC and peripherals inside of a DC backpack. Also a Genesis arcade stick.

He says make an offer, so I offer him $20 for everything. He says "I'm not crazy". So I tell him I have 2 DCs already, so lets take all the DC stuff out and keep it at $20. So he has to think about it for like 5 minutes, all the while I'm talking to him about games and telling him that I don't buy to resell, rather I appreciate everything that I buy. "All this stuff is going to a good home" I told him, and I wasn't lying. So after pondering it for awhile he says fine, but he can't believe he's giving it away for so low. So I put the TG16 stuff in the big box, then the GB stuff.

"What, you're taking the GB stuff too?" "Yeah" I say, "Everything but the DC stuff."

" Oh man, you're killing me." he says, as I continue to load. I get to the Gen stick and he says "That too? Come on, I just cut you a bargain, throw me a bone and give me $5 for the stick and 2 games." I couldn't just say "No I'm just going to take them, that was the deal", so I just said that I'd leave them for someone else. So I put the stuff in the car and ask him if he has any cool insider-stuff in his house.

He takes me on a small tour. There wasn't anything spectacular, although he did have a powerglove inside of a specialty made suitcase (it was like that scene in The Wizard). Showed me a bunch of games that he'd worked on in the past. So after 25 minutes of talking with this guy (more of him talking and me listening and waiting for a way out), all the while Liz waiting in the car, we leave. So I'm looking at the games we got (I hadn't even really looked at what was there), and I see Y's. "SWEET! IT WAS WORTH IT!" I say, and for a split second I thought "what if the game isn't in there". Sure enough, it wasn't, and it wasn't in the TGCD either. So we did something that we've never done before.

We went back.

We drove back to the sale (we weren't that far away), and I asked him if he had any idea of where it was. He looked in his garage for a minute, but came out empty handed. He took my number and said he'd call me if he found it, but I'm not expecting him too.

I was feeling awful after that, weighed down by buyer's remorse. $20 was a lot to spend at a YS by our standards. I never had a TGCD, and I know that they're fairly uncommon. Plus I have all of the essentials for playing a great game of multiplayer bomberman. I dunno, the remorse has subsided since we've gotten home, but that missing Y's was such a kick in the stomach. One of the best games on the system, and it was missing. UGH! It's...undescribeable... If I ever find a disk-only copy, I'll have something nice to put it into. But that'll never happen.

I figure the nice and mint TGCD is better in the long run than $20 is. They go for $120 on ebay, not that I'd sell it, but it makes the purchase a bit more comforting.

I was talking with Liz last night about what I hoped to find during the rest of the season, and the main thing was a Sega CD (haha that went to you this week Snotknocker!), but I had completely forgotten about the TGCD. Seeing it today brought my earlier words to mind, and in a blind moment of "Wow I can't believe I found one", I bought. Probably would've regretted leaving it there, and I'm somewhat-but-not-really regretting it now. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. If I had Y's I probably wouldn't be this disdainful.

Ah well. Glad to see some new faces in here, hope they stick around. I'm surprised at how many sales there have been lately, and I wouldn't be surprised if we make it through the end of October. I'm waiting for it to start dropping off again (and then for good), but it hasn't yet. Here's hoping for a fruitful end to a great season.

And here's to luck for all of you as well.

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