Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week 23 [9.17.05]+[9.18.05]

Day Total: $14.00
Sales Visited: 33

1 Bill Barker's Trick Shooting (NES, complete)
1 Wheel of Fortune (NES, "complete" but missing styrafoam box insert)
1 Anticipation (NES, complete)
1 HAL's Hole In One Golf (SNES, Box + cart + dust cover)
1 Jack Nicklaus Golf (SNES, Box + cart + manual + insert)
1 Clue (SNES, complete)
Paid: $3.00

2 Sega Genesis Model II (2 RF hookups, 1 power adapter)
2 official 3-button controllers (loose)
1 official 3-button controller (new in box, controller sealed in plastic)
1 3rd-party 3-button controller
1 Jeopardy! (GEN, complete)
1 Winter Olympic Games (GEN, box + cart)
1 Coach K College Basketball (GEN, complete w/ inserts)
1 Madden '96 (GEN, complete w/ inserts)
1 NHL '98 (GEN, complete)
1 NHL '96 (GEN, complete w/ inserts)
1 FIFA '96 (GEN, box + cart)
1 Andre Agassi Tennis (GEN, box + cart)
1 Mario Andretti Racing (GEN, cart + manual)
1 NBA Action '95 (GEN, cart only)
Paid: $4.00

Sega Genesis Model I
Paid: $1.00

Radio Shack Astro Command
Paid: $1.00

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (SAT, complete)
Paid: $5.00

Surprisingly decent day for such a washout. There were tons of advertised sales, and we had a pretty big list for the day. But as expected, it was rainy and crappy out, and we only managed to find 6 sales for the day. We were going to make our usual route, which is to start in a nice town that's about 40 minutes away, then work our way home. Instead we just stayed close to home, and we were only out for an hour and a half. Everyone will probably have their sales tommorow if it's nice out, so we'll be heading out tomorrow too.

Given the circumstances, we asked everyone if they had game stuff today, and it's a good thing we did. The SNES/NES games were hidden away in a corner of one particular YS that we missed the

We've never used the Cash-In-Face method before, but we found it very useful today. They were asking a buck a game, but I brought it up CIF and said "Would you take 3 for the 6?". Her eyes lit up when she saw the money, and was already reaching for it before i finished the sentence. Always nice to add some boxed NES games to the collection.

Found the RadioShack thing at an estate sale, marked $2, CIF'd $1. The guy's hand was on the dollar before I even finished my sentence. Too funny, yet surprisingly effective. I'll keep it in the repertoire from now on.

Asked the first sale we went to for Legos, and the lady went inside to get a decent sized bag (not as big as the box we got a week or two ago). Offered $5, but she said she was expecting a lot more than that. So we left.

we'll probably be heading out tommorow, since today was practically non-existant. If we get some sunshine then I bet the YS's will be abundant, so here's hoping for that.

The yardsale bug wasn't satisfied yesterday (due to rain, cancelled sales), so for the first time ever we went 'saling on a Sunday, hitting 27 sales (including a flea market). It wasn't looking so good for most of the day. In fact, all our finds were after 11AM. But it ended up being quite a Sega day!

Today was a day of overpriced videogame sightings. At one of our early sales, they had: a Game Boy Color w/ Pokemon Silver marked $10; an N64 w/ 2 controllers + 12 games (commons and Yoshi's Story) asking $30 (and unwilling to sell games separately); a (mangled, duct-taped) boxed Game Gear w/ Sonic II for $7, of which we offered $2 and were declined. They also had overpriced Harry Potter hardcover books priced as follows: Sorcerer's Stone ($3), CoS ($5), PoA ($7), and GoF ($10). Eesh. At a later sale, we saw another Game Boy Color, asking price $10.

We also took a chance at a flea market that runs during the summer about 15 minutes from home. $1 per person admission. We certainly hoped it wouldn't be a waste. It's a huge flea market, and we saw a lot of dealers with videogame stuff. This is where we picked up Puzzle Fighter. A guy had a small table of NES, GEN, and SNES games. We noted the stack of 6 Mario/Duck Hunt's as he told as games were $5 each no matter what. Puzzle Fighter, which was the only Saturn game, was behind us on another table, and we didn't even see it at first. The upper-left hinge is broken, but the manual and disc are in mint condition. We tried to talk him down from the $5, but he wouldn't budge. It didn't matter: we knew we were buying it anyway. Definitely an unexpected find, but a great addition to the Saturn collection.

One dealer had games from practically every system, including 3D0 and TG16, and of course NES, SNES, Atari, GEN, PS2, and PS1. He even had a NES top-loader, which was neat to see, but was marked $80. He had the most variety of items, but also the most expensive.

Surprisingly, many videogame dealers had PS1 long-boxed games in mint condition. Certainly we did not expect to see any, let alone in that condition. And judging by the poor condition of most of the games we saw (ripped labels, faded as if left out in the rain), this was a remarkable sighting.

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