Saturday, June 11, 2005

Week 9 [6.11.05]

Day Total: $5.50
Sales Visited: 23

1 Surf Ninjas (GameGear, cart only)
1 Super Smash T.V. (GameGear, cart only)
1 Jeopardy Sports Edition (GameGear, cart only)
1 Chakan (GameGear, cart only)
1 Power Rangers The Movie (GameGear, cart only)
1 Devilish (GameGear, cart only)
Paid: $2

2 N64 Promo VHS tapes
Paid: $1

Genesis model 2
1 controller
Paid: $2

Pokemon Yellow Book
"How to Yo-Yo" VHS
Paid: $0.50

Went back to the place where we saw a dirty 32X and dirty Genesis again, and found 6 dirty N64 games, and a dirty Gameboy case with 4 games in it. I offered $5, to which she answered $20. I then looked at the stuff I had, and said "Well, maybe if they were a little cleaner...How about $10?" She shook her head no, and said that she would do $15. If you think I'm gonna pay $20 for 6 dirt-encrusted N64 games and a crusty Gameboy case, you got another thing coming. This is TWICE that she has rebuffed a fair offer from me.

Saw an old woman selling her grandson's SNES (1 controller, RF hookups), and a complete Super Metroid (box in rough shape) for $20. She wouldn't seperate the package, and she would only go as low as $18. Yeah, suck my balls. She also rudely declined my offer of 25 cents for a Fat Albert VHS marked 75 cents. This was the same yardsale that was charging $2 for assorted VHS tapes (half of which were taped off of TV). I hate people sometimes.

Ah well. Kind of a quiet week for yardsales for some reason. Not that many listed in the paper, and not many around. Most of the stuff we found was at sales that weren't advertised in the paper.

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