Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week 6 [08.07.10]

Day Total: $20
Sales Visited: 1

(Full list after the jump)
Paid: $20.00

I drove by this sale while on an errand just minutes from our house.  On the way back, I noticed a SNES sitting on a table, so of course I had to stop and take a look.  There wasn't just a SNES, but several more systems and a bunch of games.  A potential big score.  I asked how much for the games while looking through the NES pile.  The woman counted the games, which at first worried me.  She said "$5".  I said, "$5 for all?" choosing my words carefully.  You never want to suggest "each" because you never know what they are thinking.  She said yes.  A good sign - they were asking reasonable prices.  I decided to go for broke and asked how much for everything.  The husband and wife running the sale thought for a moment, then came back with $20.  Definitely reasonable, considering how much was there.  There was only one problem.

I had no cash on me!

One of the most important yardsale rules is to always have a supply of cash on-hand.  Even if you aren't out 'saling, you never know what you'll stumble on.  I told her I had to get some money and would be right back.  Again, I broke another rule.  Never leave behind a potential score.  You never know if someone will slide in during your absence and grab it.

I swung by the house which was just a minute down the road to pick up Dom, and together we raced to the nearest ATM...nearly 10 minutes away.  Of course, the whole ride we were imagining that when we got back, everything would be gone.

Fortunately, we were lucky.  The bundle was completely untouched.  We tried to politely haggle it down to $10, but she was firm at $20.  Had I had cash on me the first time around, there was a better possibility for talking down.  But when you come back, the seller automatically has the upper hand.  $20 was certainly reasonable for the amount that was there.  I had expected her to start at a much higher price.  Since good game scores are hard to come by around here, and it's been awhile since we've picked up anything, we were fine with paying the $20.

We went through everything when we got home.  Sadly, most of the Genesis games were sports titles, which soured the deal just a little.  The only "gem" in the entire bundle was Harvest Moon 64, which we did not have yet.  Also included was Frogger, the final game released on the SNES.  There seemed to be a lot of things "missing".  Even though there was a Dreamcast, there was only 1 game (in the system).  There were also some Super Scope games, but no Super Scope.  Two Game Boy Colors and no games.  Several manuals but no games to pair with.  We wondered if those items were sold at previous sales or taken by family members, or even still down in their basement.

Later in the day, we stopped by a thrift store that we had passed many times before but always forgot to check out.  Though we didn't buy anything, the placed was packed to the gills with all things old.  It's definitely a place worth checking out every so often.  We found a NES game tucked away on a shelf (NES Play Action Football, already have a few copies), so there's a possibility for video game finds.

Here's the full list:

1 Sega Genesis Model 1
1 Sega Genesis Model 2
1 Nintendo Entertainment System
1 Super Nintendo
1 Nintendo 64
1 Sega Dreamcast
1 GameBoy Color (lime)
1 GameBoy Color (transparent)
3 1st part 3-button Genesis controllers
4 assorted 3rd party Genesis controllers
3 1st party NES controllers
2 1st party SNES controllers
1 3rd party SNES controllers
1 MadCatz Playstation multi-tap (for PS1/PS2)
1 1st party SNES Super Scope receiver
1 3rd party N64 tremor pak
1 3rd party N64 memory card
2 NES RF adapters
2 Sega power adapters
2 Sega RF adapters (1 broken)
1 Virtua Striker 2 (DC, disc only)
1 Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing (GEN, cart + case)
1 Evander Holyfield Real Deal Boxing (GEN, complete)
1 NHL 95 (GEN, cart + case + inserts)
1 NBA Jam (GEN, complete)
1 Tommy Lasorda Baseball (GEN, complete)
1 NHLPA Hockey 93 (GEN, cart + case)
1 NHLPA Hockey 93 (GEN, complete)
1 Super Hang On (GEN, cart + case + inserts)
1 Cyberball (GEN, complete, broken case)
1 Super Battle Tank (GEN, complete)
1 Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition (GEN, cart + case)
1 Pat Riley Basketball, Sega Classics Edition (GEN, cart + case)
1 James Buster Douglass Knockout Boxing (GEN, complete)
1 NHL Football 94 Starring Joe Montana (GEN, complete)
1 Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football (GEN, cart + case)
1 Might & Magic (GEN, complete)
1 Joe Montana Football, Sega Classics Edition (GEN, complete)
1 Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf, Sega Classics Edition (GEN, complete)
1 Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (GEN, complete)
1 Galaxy Force II (GEN, complete)
1 Sonic the Hedgehog, Not for Resale version (GEN, complete, 2 manuals)
1 World Championship Soccer (GEN, complete)
1 Decap Attack (GEN, complete)
1 Strider (GEN, cart only)
1 Techno Cop (GEN, cart only)
1 Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP 2 (GEN, case only)
1 Mortal Kombat (GEN, case only)
1 Goal! (NES, cart only)
1 Battle Tank (NES, cart only)
2 Hogan's Alley (NES, cart only)
1 Sesame Street 123 (NES, cart only)
1 Magic Johnson's Fast Break (NES, cart only)
1 RBI Baseball (NES, cart only)
1 Pro Wrestling (NES, cart only)
1 Super Mario Brothers (NES, cart only)
1 Winter Games (NES, cart only)
1 Bases Loaded (NES, cart only)
1 Killer Instinct (SNES, cart + manual)
1 Timon and Pumbaa Jungle Games (SNES, cart only)
1 Out to Lunch (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Game Boy (SNES, cart only)
1 Sim Ant (SNES, cart only)
1 Nigell Mansell World Cup Racing (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Mario World (SNES, cart only)
1 Frogger (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Scope 6 (SNES, cart only)
1 WWF Raw (SNES, cart only)
1 Donkey Kong Country (SNES, cart only)
1 Metal Combat (SNES, cart only)
1 Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Adventure Island 2 (SNES, cart only)
1 Super Mario All-Stars (SNES, cart only)
1 Lost Vikings (SNES, cart only)
1 NHL Stanley Cup (SNES, cart only)
1 Game Shark (N64, cart only)
1 NHL Blitz (N64, cart only)
1 Lego Racers (N64, cart only)
1 NHL Blitz 2000 (N64, cart only)
1 Mortal Kombat Anthologies Sub-Zero (N64, cart only)
1 Mario Kart 64 (N64, cart + manual)
1 Super Smash Bros. (N64, cart + manual)
1 WWF Warzone (N64, cart only)
1 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, cart only, grey cart)
1 Turok (N64, cart only)
1 Harvest Moon 64 (N64, cart only)
Assorted manuals


arnpoly said...

Pretty nice haul. I would consider Super Adventure Island 2 and Sim-Ant as gems as well.


not a bad haul for $20 - you can probably get some decent money from those games on ebay

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