Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week 5 [05.22.10]

Day Total: $0
Sales Visited: 7

Unfortunately a bust. Late start, although there weren't too many sales going on. Most likely because there's a town-wide sale tomorrow in our neighboring town, so people are probably holding out for that. So, we'll be out and about tomorrow!

We went out specifically for a community center type sale that advertised manga and video games. That particular table was run by a young couple (roughly our age). They had over 100 English graphic novels (mostly OOP), all complete series and in great condition, plus some random fantasy fiction, bootleg anime box sets, and a few current-gen video games. The highlight was a complete boxed Chobits manga, which Liz was semi-interested in (for the right price of course). They were asking $3 each for the Viz titles, $4 each for the Tokyopop titles. The handful of hardcover fiction they had were priced according to how thick they were. It was after 11AM at this point and it was very clear they hadn't sold any of the manga, if anything off their table. It wasn't worth attempting to bargain. Liz's max was $10 on the set (a reluctant $10), and after 'saling for so long you just know when a person is not going to cut you a deal.

This was weird... At one sale, this guy had two car doors propped against each other on the lawn, for sale. No car in sight, just the doors. Definitely one for the odd list.

Rants of the day. People that write "Huge Yard Sale!" and people who sell modded PS1's and burned games.

The first one is more annoying than anything else. I guess 'huge' is subjective. We've been to well over a thousand yard sales over the last 5 years and have seen everything from 2-3 items sitting in a driveway to full lawns covered end to end with stuff (not to mention those multi-family neighborhood sales that just spill into the next house all the way up the street). Today we hit a 'huge' sale that was a little less than average-sized. Do the people running the sale think that the amount they have is huge? I guess if you're not a yardsaler, then you don't know how much stuff other people have.

The modded PS1's. These are usually never marked as such, but you know when you see that stack of burned discs. And the nerve to sell games downloaded for free and illegally. We come across this every so often and really, how crappy can you get?

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