Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 2 [1.22.10]

Day Total: $0.00
Sales Visited: 1

Intellivision Super Pro system ,with hookups, power adapter and two controllers
1 Tennis (INT, cart, 2 overlays, manual)
1 Space Spartans (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Space Battle (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Triple Action (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Snafu (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Locomotion (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Armor Battle, (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Star Strike (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Astro Smash (INT, cart, 2 overlays)
1 Bomb Squad (INT, cart, 1 overlay)
1 Atlantis (INT, cart, 1 overlay)
1 Reversi (INT, cart, 1 overlay)
1 Tron Deadly Discs (INT, cart, 1 overlay)
1 Sea Battle (INT, cart, 1 overlay)
2 Boxing (INT, cart only)
1 NFL Football (INT, cart only)
1 Space Armada (INT, cart only)
1 Nightstalker (INT, cart only)
1 Baseball (INT, cart only)
1 Frog Bog (INT, cart only)
1 Micro Surgeon (INT, cart only)
1 Auto Racing (INT, cart only)
1 Batman (NES cart + sleeve)
1 Adventure Island 2 (NES cart + sleeve)
1 Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (NES cart + sleeve)
Blockade Runner (INT, 2 overlays only)
Skiing (INT, 2 overlays only)
Football (INT, 1 overlay only)
Cartridge cleaner (INT)
Paid: FREE

Lucky Freecycle score!

The person posted on Freecycle around midday, and Dom just happened to catch it and immediately emailed the guy. We got an email back saying we were the second in line, and if the first person fell through, he would let us know. We were bummed, believing we had just missed it. It's so rare to see video games on Freecycle, and people usually jump on them very fast.

While driving home from work, Dom checked his iPhone for emails and there was one from the guy saying to call him! Dom called right away. He told us that the other person couldn't pick them up for several days. We said we could be there in 15 minutes and we're on our way!

We showed up at a 2-family house and could tell the guy was getting a head start on spring cleaning. He was very friendly, pointing to the boxes upon boxes of stuff cluttering his kitchen and asked if we needed anything else (random cables, cords, and the like). We declined, but a small stack of NES games caught our eye. We asked if we could take those too and he handed them over without hesitation, then proceeded to poke around to see if he had anything else video game related that he could give us. He couldn't find anything in the mess, but said he'd email us if he found something.

The system and games are a little smoky, but nothing a good cleaning can't handle.

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