Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week 3 [04.25.09]

Day Total: $0.25
Sales Visited: 1

1 Pac-man card game
Paid: $0.25

While spending a getaway weekend in New Hampshire, we came across a decent-sized yardsale on the side of the road. Unfortunately no videogames, but we spotted the Pac-man game under a pile of other games. We hadn't seen this particular game before, and offered a quarter which the seller accepted without hesitation.

Just being there, looking around at the various items, rummaging through bins, got us geared up for this season. We got bitten by the yardsale bug again, and we're looking forward to this season. It's later than we've started in previous years, but sales have been slow to get started around here. We're planning on heading out next weekend, so here's hoping for good weather and lots of sales!

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