Sunday, February 15, 2009

Japan [10.21.08 - 11.02.08]

This entry is long overdue! We spent two weeks in Japan for our honeymoon back in October 2008. It was awesome - words cannot describe what an amazing time we had! We spent most of our time in Tokyo, but also visited Kyoto and surrounding for a few days. Below are pictures of everything we bought (photos taken while still in Japan). Though we wanted to buy everything in sight, we had to restrain ourselves, knowing it would've been impossible to get it all home. It was quite a feat just getting the video games home.

Read on to see all the cool stuff we bought in Japan!

Most of these video games (and the manga) were purchased at the Akihabara Book-Off, which had a jaw-dropping used video game section. At first we were cautiously optimistic, acknowledging the fact that there was a great selection of games, but not expecting to buy much, thinking it would be too expensive. As we got closer and began inspecting the games, we were shocked to discover all the ¥50 ($0.50) and ¥100 ($1) price tags. We filled 3 baskets of cheap games (ranging $0.50 to $5 each), which resulted in 5 stuffed bags and many looks and stares from the locals. We had to go back to our hotel (in Asakusa) to drop everything off! After a quick lunch, we came back and bought a few more things we had left behind, then located Super Potato. While not as cheap as Book-Off, it was definitely an awesome place: 2 cramped floors stuffed to the brim with used video games, and a small arcade on the 3rd floor. We picked up some more games here and at a few other gaming shops in the area. Here are some pictures of Super Potato, just because it was so awesome:

Yes, these are the limited edition Megaman Energy Tank energy drinks. We were specifically hunting for these, knowing that they were going to be tough to find and likely even discontinued. Surprisingly, we found them in the back of a comic shop and picked up a bunch. Good thing, too: we never saw them anywhere else. How do they taste, you might be wondering? The best comparison we can make is flat Sprite.

Second trip to Akihabara, a week later. We grabbed some more video games and manga from Book-Off, then returned to Yodobashi for some gifts for the family. The little green edamame is Mame-shiba, which was a just beginning fad when we were over there (only one store in Akihabara had any merchandise). There a lots of Mame-shiba (half edamame, half dog) who give you advice... well, best to just see for yourself . This is just one of 9 commercials (so far), each featuring a different Mame-shiba.

These were actually our very first merchandise purchases in Japan. In Asakusa, the fake sushi from a shop on Kappabashi-dori ($40!!). In Odaiba, we bought the DS games, Hetera figure, and the Smile Slime from the Toys R Us at Aqua City, the Rilakuma magnet and t-shirt at Decks, the paw keychain at Cats Livin', and the unchi (poop) capsule toys at the Pallete Town arcade. At Seibu in Ikebukuro , we bought the YMCK CD, the edamame keychains, the Rilakuma calendar, and the postcards.

Plushie haul from Kiddy Land in Harajuku.

Mame-shiba plushie scored from a UFO Catcher machine at Taito Station arcade in Asakusa.

Dom's hat, purchased near Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

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