Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're not dead! - ...just dead tired.

It's been almost TWO months since we've last updated. Wow!

First, let us assure you that we are both alive and well. Our passion for videogame hunting is as strong as it's ever been, but unfortunately, there have been many roadblocks that have made yardsaling difficult lately.

- Gas prices. We don't include the cost of gas in our finds, because we have always considered that to be a "cost of doing business". That being said, the cost of doing business has doubled since last year! We usually go through 1/3 of a tank per yardsaling session, and that's really been starting to add up this year.

- New house! You may have noticed the absence of reddish/orangish/pinkish carpet as a background in our pictures lately, and that's because we just moved into our new (first!) house at the end of April. There has been a lot to do around here, which takes time and energy away from other things. We're loving it though!

- New town. We no longer live in our old stomping grounds, which we knew like the back of our hand. We have a whole bunch of new towns to learn, and everything is a lot more rural and spread out around here than back home.

- Fewer sales. We don't know what the cause is, but there are noticeably fewer sales out here than we're used to. Even if we took into account ALL of the surrounding towns within a 45 minute driving radius, we still wouldn't find as many sales as we used to. We're hoping that this is more of a result of the bad economy and high gas prices, but we'll see how this improves in the coming years.

- Getting married! After seven wonderful years together, Dom + Liz are getting married! We're tying the knot in October, and then spending a two-week honeymoon in Japan. You can bet that we're going to buy lots of fun things over there, and that we'll put tons of pictures up here! This also means that a lot of time and energy has been going into planning everything.

None of these things is individually enough to keep us from yardsaling, but all together, you can see how we've been having an unusually busy summer. We've been itching to get out there, but unfortunately with everything going on, it's been very difficult. Thank you for your emails and comments inquiring to our whereabouts. We're not sure what the autumn months may bring in terms of having time to yardsale, but stay tuned! At the very least, we will definitely be back in full swing in 2009.

Thank you all for your continued support! We're still going to have lots of fun things coming your way, and I encourage you to keep checking back. We can't wait for our Japan trip, and we also can't wait to set up our Room of Doom! Have you wanted to see all of our yardsale finds together, set up into one massive collection? Soon, you will be able to. We have the perfect room for it, we just need to find time to set everything up.

Make sure to try out Dom + Liz's Visual Route Planner in your yardsaling planning! We custom-made it to fit our own yardsaling needs, and we hope that it can save you as much time as it does for us.

I hope all of you will continue the yardsaling tradition in our temporary absence. If you haven't gone out yet, try it! You may just find that diamond in the rough, and then you'll have a story for a lifetime.

-Dom + Liz

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