Saturday, June 2, 2007

Week 7 [06.02.07]

Day Total: $25.75
Sales Visited: 38

1 NES (no AC adapter, RF/AV hookups)
3 NES controllers
1 Gray Zapper
1 NES Advantage
1 Nintendo game case
1 Gameboy
1 GB AC adapter
1 GB Link Cable
1 Megaman 2 (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Megaman 3 (NES, cart only)
1 Zelda 2 (NES, cart only)
1 A Boy and His Blob (NES, cart only)
1 Little Nemo (NES, cart only)
1 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES, cart only)
1 Contra (NES, cart only)
1 Castlevania 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Gunsmoke (NES, cart only)
1 Lode Runner (NES, cart only)
1 Rygar (NES, cart only)
1 Rad Racer (NES, cart only)
1 Dr. Mario (NES, cart only)
1 Tecmo Bowl (NES, cart only)
1 Excite Bike (NES, cart only)
1 Legendary Wings (NES, cart only)
1 Tiger HELI (NES, cart only)
1 Superspike Volleyball (NES, cart only)
1 Blades of Steel (NES, cart only)
1 X-Men (NES, cart only)
1 Ghostbusters 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Ghostbusters 2 (GB, cart only)
1 Duck Tales (GB, cart + case)
1 Tetris (GB, cart + case)
1 Super Mario Land (GB, cart + case)
1 Super Mario Land 2 (GB, cart + case)
1 Boomer's Adventure in Azmik Land (GB, cart + case)
1 Motocross Maniacs (GB, cart + case)
1 Gameboy manual
Assorted old magazines + guides
Paid: $5.00

1 NES (AC + RF hookups)
4 NES controllers
1 Red Zapper
1 Quickshot joystick
1 TMNT 3 (NES, cart only)
1 Duck Tales (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Kirby's Adventure (NES, cart only)
1 GI-Joe (NES, cart only)
1 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Adventures of Tom Sawyer (NES, cart only)
1 Kung-Fu (NES, cart only)
1 Hogan's Alley (NES, cart only)
1 TMNT 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Paperboy 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Double Dare (NES, cart only)
1 Gotcha (NES, cart only)
1 Back to the Future (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Supersprint (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Galaga (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Wild Gunman (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Sesame Street ABC 2-in-1 (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 TMNT (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Dr. Mario (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 City Connection (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Sesame Street ABC + 123 (NES, cart only)
1 Super Mario / Duck Hunt (NES, cart only)
1 Fisher Price Perfect Fit (NES, cart only)
1 Super Mario 3 (NES, cart only)
1 Super Mario 2 (NES, cart only)
1 Wrecking Crew (NES, cart only)
1 Mickey Mousecapades (NES, cart only)
1 Tetris (NES, cart only)
1 Wheel of Fortune Family Edition (NES, cart only)
1 Big Bird's Hide + Seek (NES, cart only)
1 Elevator Action (NES, cart only)
1 Q-Bert (NES, cart only)
Paid: $10.00

1 North + South (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Galaxy 5000 (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Demon Sword (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Astyanax (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Crystalis (NES, cart + sleeve)
1 Warriors + Wizards (NES, cart + sleeve)
Paid: $5.00

1 Gameboy Advance (Platinum)
1 Pelican light accessory
1 GBA carrying case
Paid: $2.00

2 Gameboy Colors (green + blue, no battery covers)
1 Deer Hunter (GBC, cart only)
Paid: $2.00

1 Jeopardy (GB, sealed)
Paid: $0.50

1 WCW Mayhem (N64, complete)
Paid: $1.00

1 Street Fighter Blockbuster comic
Paid: $0.25

Pretty good day today!

We usually average about 1 purchase for every 9 sales we visit, but today we averaged 1 in 4.75.

We got the GBA at our first sale of the day, and was aquired under fairly odd circumstances. We found the GBA carrying case, and had to ask for the system. The saleholder's son eventually brings it out, and she informs us that it's $2.50. She then steps away, and the son hands us the GBA. We ask the son if he'll take $2 for it, and he instantly agrees. So we start walking back to the car and make it halfway down the relatively long driveway, when we hear "WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE!" So we stop, and look back at the saleholder giving us a "look". She then yells, "...HE WANTED $2.50 FOR THAT!" In disbelief, we yell back "WE OFFERED HIM $2 AND HE SAID THAT WAS FINE." Meanwhile, the son looks embarressed as all getout, and is frantically telling the mom "'s FINE!" So she gives us another "look" and waves us off. Really...over 50 cents? We thought she was going to give us a running tackle.

We talked the $5 NES lot down from $50, and the $10 NES lot down from $25. The 6 standalone NES games came from another big NES lot, but they wouldn't go lower than $50 for the whole lot. There were about 30 games, and they wouldn't sell all of the games either. But they did allow us to pick out a few random ones for a buck each. It's always a shame to leave good bundles behind, but these people weren't budging at all.

We saw an N64 with a couple cart-only Mario games in a box marked $50. The saleholder lady kept feeding us lines like "These games cost $50 in stores, you know that." and "This system is still pretty new too." We listened to a few of them while rustling through the box, and then started to non-chalantly give her the facts. "Well, the system is over a decade old. This was released in 1996." She didn't like that too much. "Well, no it wasn't, because my son is only 11." All this says to us is that she picked it up in a bargain bin a few years ago, and probably thought it was new. We pick up one of the cart-only games, covered with dried grapejuice and kid boogers, and tell her that these games were $50 when they were new 8 years ago. She says that she can cut us a deal and offers it at $30, to which we politely decline.

Today was pretty good, and definately lifted our spirits after a few ho-hum weeks. Minus SNES, all old-school Nintendo generations were represented today prior to GameCube, which was kind of cool. Here's hoping we can keep up some sort of momentum.

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