Saturday, May 5, 2007

Week 4 [05.05.07]

Day Total: $12.00
Sales Visited: 19

1 Sega Genesis Model 1 (all hookups, manual unpictured)
1 Sega CD Model 2 (w/ extender plate)
2 3rd party 3-button controllers
1 Double Switch (SCD, disc only, cracked/broken)
Paid: $3.00

Populus (SNES, complete)
Judge Dredd (SNES, missing manual, includes poster)
Spectre (SNES, complete)
Red Line F1 Racer (SNES, complete)
Paid: $4.00

1 N64 (box and hookups)
1 3rd party Tremor Pack
NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (N64, cart only)
Paid: $3.00

Super Smash Bros (N64, cart only)
Tony Hawk Pro Skater (N64, cart only)
Paid: $0.50

Ultimate Sega Game Strategies (1990)
Soul Caliber Mitsurugi figure
Paid: $1.00

Sly 2 (PS2, complete, GH)
Paid: $0.50

We picked up everything except Sly 2 at a town-wide sale. There was one guy who had a bunch of stuff: the SegaCD, the boxed N64, the boxed SNES games (which we were able to get), and also a huge box of Atari games, assorted NES carts, and several PC games. Dom was able to get the SegaCD for $3, but the seller (who looked like the flea market type) didn't seem to like Dom too much. He wouldn't give a clear idea of what he wanted for his games, even though he said he just wanted to get rid of everything. So Liz went over by herself and CIF'd $4 for the SNES games. He took it with no hesitation. We debated on going back for the boxed N64, so Liz walked back over a few minutes later and CIF'd $3. Again, the guy took it with no hesitation.

The 2 N64 games were amusing. They were on a table with about 5 other cart only sports titles, and an N64. The system was marked $10 and the games were $1 each. Liz picked up Super Smash and Tony Hawk and CIF'd 50 cents to the 2 15-year old girls running the table. They kinda looked at each other and then said, "Well, they are a dollar each." So Liz said again, "Ok. Could you do 50 cents for both?" The girl looked confused and said "I can do 50 cents for one". So Liz said again, "Ok, Could you do 50 cents for both?" They caved and let Liz have the games. I think they were thrown off-guard by the repeat tactic.

One sale we emailed ahead of time said they'd have a Saturn and games, but when we arrived no one knew anything about anything. That was a tease.

First good weekend of the season, so our hopes are renewed.

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