Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 36 [11.11.06]

Day Total: $20.00
Sales Visited: 1

Japanese Manga
Gantz 1-12 (of 19)
Vagabond 1-3, 7-18 (of 22) //2 copies of 10, 13, 16
Y shi no Rinjin 2-6, 9-12, 14, 18
Arigatou 1-4
20th Century Boys 8, 10, 13 (of 22)
MPD-Psycho 3-5
Dragonball 4, 6
D-Ash 1-5 (of 5)
Bakugyaku Kazoku 1-2
Gallery Fake 6-7, 16, 25
Golgo 13 1-2, 41
Doremon 13, 25, another one not numbered
Master Keaton: Red Moon
Burutasan 1
Toujo Jinbutsu Shoukai (?) 2
Dead Man 6
Noise 1 (of 1)
Cannon God Exaxxion 6
Koko Afuru Tanaka 1
Bonbonzaka High School 6
New Grappler Baki 20
Lupin 1
Bokunchi 1 (hardcover)
99 no Jiken [something] (novel)
Jump Comics Deluxe 2
Yuke Inachuu Takyuubu, 5 volumes
Akudaikan (PS2, complete, Japanese import)
Portable Go board game
Go Strategy book
Paid: $20.00

Only hit 1 sale today, but didn't find anything.

I picked these up yesterday through Craigslist. They were left behind by a former tenant at an apartment building, and the super was selling them (along with other random books I wasn't interested in). Asking $30, took $20. The PS2 game and Go were unexpected surprises. Mostly action, but some other random stuff too. There are 89 books.

The only one I couldn't translate was the one with the orange flying guys on the cover (near the center of the picture). There were 5 books for that series, and I just couldn't figure out the title. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know.

What's cool too is almost all of the books still have their price tags (in Yen!). The books are really nice, a lot of them (including Gantz, Vagabond, MPD Psycho, etc) have dust jackets, which just give them a little some extra. I love the Vagabond covers - the writing is metallic and slightly raised.

Anyway, definitely a neat random find. Can't wait to start reading them - there are some interesting series in there...

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