Sunday, August 6, 2006

Week 24 [08.05.06]+[08.06.06]

Day Total: $5.25
Sales Visited: 31

Nintendo Power 1988 (complete, mint, with duplicates)
Nintendo Power 1989 (complete with duplicates)
Nintendo Power 1990 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1991 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1992 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1993 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1994 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1995 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1996 (complete with duplicates + bonus issue)
Nintendo Power 1997 (complete with duplicates)
Nintendo Power 1998 (complete)
Nintendo Power 1999 (complete)
Nintendo Power 2000 (missing March issue)
Nintendo Power 2001 (missing June issue)
Nintendo Power 2002 (January + May issues only)
Nintendo Power Index (lists issues 1-50)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide: Super Mario Bros. 3
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide: Ninja Gaiden 2
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide: Final Fantasy (super mint)
Nintendo Power Strategy Guide: 4-Player Extra
Nintendo Fun Club News: Issues 4-7
NES "How to set up your NES" (R.O.B. edition)
Super Mario Bros. 2 bonus tipbook, part 1 + 2
How to Win at Super Mario Bros.
N64 Power Tips
Ultra/Game Players issues 82-109, 111
Computer Gaming Magazine, ~40 issues from 1997-2000
Assorted issues of Game Buyer, PC Gamer, and other magazines
Paid: FREE

1 32X (No hookups or spacer)
1 Dreamcast controller
Paid: $1.00

1 N64 (All hookups, memory expansion)
1 3rd party Tremor Pack Plus
1 3rd party memory card
1 1st party N64 controller
1 Donkey Kong 64 strategy guide
1 Pokemon Snap (N64, cart only)
1 Donkey Kong 64 (N64, cart only)
1 Beetle Adventure Racing (N64, cart only)
Paid: $2.00

NES Zapper
Paid: $0.25

Medievil II (PSX, complete)
Paid: $1.00

1 California Speed (N64, cart only)
1 Madden 2000 (N64, cart only)
Paid: $1.00

Found this listed on Craigslist two hours after it was posted, and luckily we were the first to call! The post itself said something like "Nintendo Power Issues 1987-1999". Ran out to pick them up, and have been enjoying the last 2 hours sorting through them and reclaiming some long lost nostalgia.

We were incredibly surprised at how complete everything is. Overall, the magazines are in excellent shape. There are random issues scattered through that were obviously read multiple times by the kid who had them. However, he kept them in those magazine storage boxes, keeping them safely packed and away from any harmful elements.

For those who don't know, 1988 consisted of the first 3 issues. ALL 3 ARE MINT. We almost fainted when we saw it. From when NP started in 1988 through 2001, we are only missing 2 issues (from 2000, 2001).

This was an extra bonus for me personally, as I was bummed to find out a few years ago that my mom had thrown away all my NP's (1989-1994). She still to this day felt bad about it, until she heard about our score today. Not only did she no longer feel bad, I felt vindicated. This has been another personal experience for me that "things always come back to you".

Now it's time to figure out where we're going to store them all....

Hit 31 sales. Found most of the stuff near the end of the day.

Gave our number out to several people. One sale in particular, the woman said she had been trying to get her son to sell his videogames. And right there in the garage, packed up on a shelving unit and partially covered: boxed Game Boy, boxed Game Gear, boxed N64, several boxed games, and she said that they also had a bunch of Nintendo and Super Nintendo stuff. The whole corner was covered by a sheet so we only saw some of the stuff poking out. She took our number and gave us her son's number (apparently he's away for the weekend), but she said to go ahead and call him whenever we wanted. We left a message around noontime. We're expecting him to be asking eBay prices for what he has, so hopes are low. But at least it's a chance.

Finally have a 32X. Sad that there were no cables, but hey, we knocked another system off our want list.

We heard a guy from a flea market pitching to this woman to sell him anything she had left from her sale (which funnily, she had an overpriced Gen w/ 11 games, and an N64 with about 8 games). We of course passed, as we already had most of the games.

Lately it's seemed like we've been slowing down with our purchases, and we've come to find out why. We have ~15 Gen's, ~10 NES's, and multiples of other systems/handhelds. It has come to the point that we are much pickier about buying things. we'll still pick up bundles if they are for a great price (as illustrated by the $2 N64 bundle from today), but otherwise, we've shifted our focus on filling the holes in our game collection. We seem to be passing on more and more things now.

Still in a summer lull around these parts. Seems like Spring and Fall are when most people have their sales. We missed a few things today, but now that we ask at every sale (unlike last year), we are probably missing things at the same frequency.

Hope everyone had some luck today!

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