Saturday, March 4, 2006

Week 3 [03.04.06]

Day Total: $5.25
Sales Visited: 2

1 Sega Saturn System (with RF hookup, no power cord)
1 Sega Saturn Box (decent-but-not-great shape)
2 Sega Saturn controllers (newer version, 1 broken)
1 Madden '97 (SAT, complete)
1 Madden '98 (SAT, complete)
1 NHL '97 (SAT, complete)
1 NHL All-Star Hockey '98 (SAT, complete)
1 College Slam (SAT, complete)
1 NBA Jam T.E. (SAT, complete)
1 NBA Live '98 (SAT, complete)
1 PGA Tour '97 (SAT, complete)
1 World Series Baseball '98 (SAT, complete)
1 Sky Target (SAT, complete)
Paid: $5.00

1 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NES)
1 Nintendo game case
Paid: $0.25

There was a big fundraising sale at a middleschool a few towns away, so we headed over to try our luck. It was very poorly signed, and we spent a good 15 minutes just trying to find the thing. It was originally advertised as taking place at the school, but when we got there we found a sign saying "Yard Sale at Fieldhouse". There was no "field" in sight, and certainly no "fieldhouse" either. We finally found it, but it was ridiculous that these people didn't put up any signs. You're a school, you should know enough to sign your sale! Ugh.

We saw the Saturn stuff in a big box right away, and my heart jumped. I looked over the games and my excitement went down a little, and it went down even more when i saw "$20 takes it all!" written on the box. Punchout was right next to it (marked 25 cents), so we bought that right away, but we decided to look around the rest of the sale while we formulated a battle plan for the Saturn. The initial instinct is to cut the asking price in half, and then ask yourself if its worth it to you. $10 was a little more than I was willing to pay, but $5 would be just right. We went over and started to examine the stuff more closely. I was hoping that it was missing the AV or Power cord, and you can imagine my smile when I saw that it was missing the cord. We flagged down one of the guys working the sale, and informed him of the items incompleteness.

"Hrm" he said, "That looks like a standard power adapter. You can get those down at the radio shack." I told him that I wasn't sure about that (even though you probably can), and I didn't want to risk buying the wrong one and frying the system. He wouldn't go lower than $10. We then saw the broken controller connector, and then he wouldn't go lower than $7. He told me "There are $50 worth of games here!", which I smirked at. I told him that "The only games that are worth money for this system are RPGs, and sports games only lose their value as time goes on. Nobody wants to pay money for outdated rosters." He finally said "Alright, what did you want it for? $5? That'll be fine." He took it and we were out! I didn't think we'd be leaving with the whole bundle for $5, but then again we were out of practice in terms of bargaining and stuff. One thing we laughed about was how one of the women standing nearby was saying "That's the original Sega!" Not even close, lady...

We're heading to a huge fleamarket tomorrow that we've never been to, so that should be fun. By the end of the month I think we'll start seeing regular Yard Sales popping up again too, so we're really excited!

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